Xsample 200

  • Peristaltic pump for DMA 501/1001, to fill fluids up to 3,000 mPa·s
  • Replaces sample in seconds, without intermediate cleaning
  • Minimizes your contact with hazardous substances
  • Highly resistant wetted parts for handling aggressive samples

Peristaltic pump for DMA 501/1001:
Xsample 200 High-Resistance


Xsample 200 High-Resistance is a peristaltic pump for filling DMA 501 and DMA 1001 density meters. Once the parameters are set, it enables user-independent filling and subsequent measurement of single samples at the push of a button. This reduces handling errors and gives you more time for important tasks. The flexible filling speed of Xsample 320 can be adapted to suit your sample – which leads to perfect measuring results.

Key features

Withstands harsh environments and aggressive samples

All wetted parts of Xsample 200 High-Resistance are made of highly resistant materials, to guarantee trouble-free measurement of aggressive samples. The device is plug-and-play: it activates automatically when the density meter is switched on, and is ready for use immediately. Xsample 200 High-Resistance requires no maintenance and will run for years, even in harsh industrial environments.

Requires only 10 minutes of training and reduces handling errors

Xsample 200 High-Resistance is so easy to operate via the density meter touchscreen, it takes only 10 minutes of training. As well as being incredibly easy to use, it is also designed to eliminate sample handling errors:

  • Easy to enter the filling parameters via touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard
  • Assign settings to suit the sample’s characteristics in just a few simple steps
  • Adjust the pump speed for optimized filling behavior, and reduce user errors
  • User-independent filling of the density meter ensures repeatable measuring results
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