Xsample 340

  • The single sample changer for different syringe sizes
  • The robust solution for reliable and repeatable results
  • Prevents sample carry-over with automatic rinsing and drying after each sample
  • Highly resistant wetted parts for handling aggressive samples

Sample changer: Xsample 340


Xsample 340 is a single sample changer for different types of syringes that automatically fills all Anton Paar master instruments using your favorite syringes. Perfect filling and excellent precision are facilitated by the system’s adjustable filling speed.

Many years of trouble-free operation are guaranteed due to the straightforward and robust design. Xsample 340 is automatically prepared with up to two cleaning agents, ensuring perfect measuring conditions regardless of the operator and sample.

Key features

Perfect measuring results due to perfect cleaning

  • Automatic rinsing and drying after each sample prevents sample carry-over which ensures the best measuring results.
  • Up to two different cleaning agents can be used for an individual cleaning procedure.
  • Measurement of a great variety of samples from low-viscosity samples up to 36,000 mPa.s
  • Automatic air check before measurement to rule out sample cross-contamination

Easy handling

  • Different adapters for 2.5 mL and 10 mL Braun syringes for your most frequently used consumables.
  • Depending on the system size, a minimum amount of sample is needed – advisable when handling expensive or hazardous samples.
  • Unified software user interface at the master instrument for easy operation and a short training phase.
  • Force sensor used to adjust the filling speed for optimized filling behavior and reduction of user errors.

Intelligent instrument design

  • For aggressive samples all wetted parts of Xsample 340 are made of highly resistant materials
  • Robust instrument for measurements under harsh environmental conditions.
  • High safety standard: when opening the safety cover the sampling procedure immediately stops in order to protect the operator
  • Space-saving design and quick installation of instrument for self-explanatory start-up before first use
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