Primux 3000

  • Powerful X-ray source for advanced X-ray analysis
  • Available with a wide variety of anode materials
  • Simple exchange of X-ray tube or change of tube focus

Sealed-tube X-ray source: Primux 3000

Sealed-tube X-ray source: Primux 3000


Primux 3000 is a high-performance sealed-tube X-ray source from Anton Paar which offers a highly brilliant line or point focus X-ray beam. Using the latest metal-ceramic X-ray tubes, Primux 3000 provides a robust design, maximum user safety, and straight-forward integration into XRDynamic 500 or any other advanced X-ray instrument.

Key features

The ideal X-ray source for XRD and SAXS

The Primux 3000 sealed-tube X-ray source combines a modern metal-ceramic X-ray tube with a superior high-voltage generator to provide a highly brilliant X-ray beam with a power of up to 3 kW. Either line or point focus can be used. Its high brilliance makes Primux 3000 the optimal X-ray source for a wide range of X-ray analytical applications such as X-ray diffraction (XRD) or small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS).

A wide variety of anode materials

The X-ray tube of Primux 3000 is available as standard with Cr, Co, Cu, Mo, and Ag anodes (others available on request) to offer a solution for all challenges in XRD and SAXS. The X-ray tube is embedded in a proprietary, water-cooled jacket which ensures high thermal stability and extends the lifetime of the X-ray tube.

Easy exchange of the X-ray tube in a matter of minutes

The clever design of the Primux 3000 tube tower not only guarantees maximum user safety, but also allows the X-ray tube to be exchanged within a matter of minutes when a different tube anode type is required. In addition, the tube focus can easily be switched from line to point, and vice versa, by a simple rotation of the tube without the need to disconnect any cables or hoses.

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