Advanced XRD Optics

  • High-intensity multilayer X-ray optics
  • Parallel and focusing beam optics suitable for every wavelength
  • Maximum Kβ suppression with primary monochromators

Advanced XRD optics


The XRDynamic 500 optics are developed and produced by AXO DRESDEN, an Anton Paar company with more than 20 years of experience in high-precision deposition and X-ray optics design.

The comprehensive portfolio includes flat multilayer monochromators (for divergent beam applications) and multilayer optics for parallel and focusing beam applications. All optics are designed to fit in the optics stack of XRDynamic 500 where each component can be automatically aligned and up to three different beam geometries can be used for ultimate convenience and efficiency in multi-user environments.

Key features

Obtain highest intensity with all optics

All X-ray optics for XRDynamic 500 are perfectly aligned with the X-ray source via optimized take-off angle to ensure the maximum beam intensity on the sample under all conditions. The motorized optics stack of XRDynamic 500 enables every optic to be accurately positioned while under vacuum to further boost the intensity on the sample, resulting in the fastest possible measurement speed no matter the beam geometry.

Parallel and focusing beam optics for every wavelength

For beam-shaping optics, both parallel beam (parabolic) and focusing beam (elliptical) multilayer mirrors are available for every source anode type offered with XRDynamic 500. Whether a parallel beam is required for non-ambient or residual stress applications, or a focusing beam is needed for transmission studies of battery materials or PDF analysis, the range of optics available for XRDynamic 500 ensures measurements with an optimized beam geometry and with the source of your choice.

Maximum Kβ suppression

Primary monochromators can be used to both suppress Kβ radiation and to reduce fluorescence from certain elements contained in the sample. The divergent beam monochromators for XRDynamic 500 are available with different multilayers and can be used with X-ray tubes of all anode types. Anton Paar uniquely offers Ni/C multilayer monochromators and mirrors optimized for Cu Kα radiation which offer unbeatable Kβ suppression in addition to superior signal-to-noise ratio for ultimate performance.

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