Sample Stages & Holders

  • Versatile sample stages for all applications
  • Sample changer options for high-throughput measurements
  • Stages for operando battery measurements
  • A wide variety of sample holders for different sample types

Sample stages and sample holders for XRDynamic 500


Whether you perform measurements in reflection, transmission, with capillaries, or under non-ambient or operando conditions, XRDynamic 500 offers sample stages and holders for every eventuality.

Component recognition and automatic alignment of all ambient and non-ambient stages allow fast exchange between different configurations, while a broad range of sample holders caters to every sample type in small or large quantities.

Key features

Large variety of sample stages for flexibility in applications

The variety of sample stages available for XRDynamic 500 covers a wide range of sample types and applications, giving you maximum flexibility in your work. Stages can be fitted on the Z stage of XRDynamic 500 for precise sample alignment so every sample, from simple inorganic powder mixtures to more complex organic materials and even nanomaterials, can be investigated in an optimized manner. The ambient sample stage portfolio includes:

  • Sample spinner stage in reflection or transmission
  • Capillary spinner stage
  • XY stage for solid samples or with sample changer options for up to 12 samples
  • EVAC Module for SAXS and high-resolution XRD measurements with fully evacuated beam path

The sample stage portfolio is complemented by Anton Paar’s world-leading non-ambient XRD attachments, which offer the widest-ranging non-ambient specifications on the market.

Sample changer options for high-throughput measurements

The sample changer option for the XRDynamic 500 XY stage is available with 3, 6, or 12 sample positions which can be measured in reflection or transmission geometry. This allows high-throughput analysis and, in combination with the automated optics of XRDynamic 500, enables measurements with different instrument configurations and on different sample types to be performed automatically without any user interaction.

Sample holders for operando battery measurements

Sample holders for in-situ or operando measurements of pouch cells and coin cells in transmission or reflection geometry enable you to perform complex electrochemical measurements while benefitting from the high data quality and high level of automation provided by XRDynamic 500. For operando measurements of electrodes, an electrochemical cell is available with different measurement configurations possible.

Sample holders for any application

Standard powder sample holders made of stainless steel or PMMA are available with a variety of sample cavity dimensions catering to large or small sample quantities in reflection or transmission. In addition, backloading, zero background, and gas-tight sample holders, as well as holders for solids/pellets, can be used depending on the requirements of the sample and the application.

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