XRDynamic 500

  • Out-of-box: Best-in-class resolution/signal-to-noise ratio
  • TruBeam™ concept: Larger goniometer radius, evacuated beam path
  • Full automation: X-ray optics and beam geometry change
  • Efficiency: Increase instrument usage by up to 50 %
  • Self-alignment: Instrument and sample for maximum convenience

Automated Multipurpose Powder X-Ray Diffractometer: XRDynamic 500


XRDynamic 500 drives unbeatable XRD data quality with maximum efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of a versatile platform covering a wide variety of applications with optimal solutions for powder XRD, non-ambient XRD, PDF analysis, SAXS, and more.  Intuitive to use, with fully automated optics and alignment routines, it allows everyone, from novices to experts, to collect top-quality XRD data quickly while minimizing errors. XRDynamic 500: Driving XRD.


XRDynamic 500’s TruBeam™ concept combines a large goniometer radius, an evacuated beam path, and fully automated X-ray optics/beam geometry change. Measure an array of samples with varied instrument configurations assisted by intuitive software with optimized workflows. Achieve best-in-class resolution (FWHM <0.021° for 1st LaB₆ standard peak) with a standard Bragg-Brentano configuration. Enjoy a great signal-to-noise ratio with up to 50 % less measurement background and minimal parasitic air scattering. Quickly reconfigure for optimized non-ambient XRD experiments or SAXS measurements with the quality of a dedicated SAXS instrument.

  • Switch between up to 3 beam geometries with a click
  • Run different measurements sequentially with no user intervention
  • Save time: Increase instrument usage by up to 50 %


In many diffractometers, each measurement geometry requires parts to be exchanged by the user. Performing two completely different types of measurements sequentially is only possible after opening the instrument to manually change configurations.


Switch between up to 3 beam geometries with the click of a button (available for any type of X-ray tube used), thanks to a motorized optics stack. A unique source tilt axis allows every geometry to be precisely and automatically aligned.


Automatic switching between up to 3 beam geometries makes it possible to run completely different types of measurements sequentially on different (or the same) samples with no exchange of parts or any user input required. Enjoy up to 50 % increased instrument uptime by running complex measurement batches overnight and on weekends without any user intervention.

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