DMA 35 Basic

  • Entry-level digital density meter
  • Compact and portable density meter, only 345 g
  • Ideal for the use in tight spaces or of difficult-to-reach samples
  • Results in seconds from only 2 mL of sample
  • Fits in your cargo pocket

density meter: DMA 35 Basic

Handheld density meter: DMA 35 Basic


DMA 35 Basic is the entry-level handheld density meter that takes samples directly from the storage container with the help of the built-in pump and measures them on-site. Results are given as density or concentration, for example in °Brix, %v/v alcohol, or %w/w H2SO4. Because of its lightweight and flat design, hard-to-reach samples, such as automotive batteries stored on narrow racks or wine samples out of stacked wine barrels, can be conveniently measured.

Key features

The benefits of a handheld density meter over a glass hydrometer

  • No waste of sample: only 2 mL required
  • Sample is taken directly from the container using the built-in pump
  • Integrated conversion tables: results are shown in the preferred unit without the need for further calculations
  • Wide measuring range: one digital instrument replaces a whole set of hydrometers
  • Automatic temperature compensation: results available in seconds
  • Storage of data and easy data transfer: no chance for errors when writing down results manually
  • User-independent results

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A rugged lightweight instrument to accompany you all day long

  • The lightest portable density meter on the market
  • Flat design, easy to carry and store
  • Fits into tight spaces in between narrow racks (e.g. in the winery or in battery production)
  • Protective suitcase, rubber housing, and carrying strap available to support secure on-site operation
  • Leak-proof design (IP54), ready to cope with sample spills
  • The wetted parts have proven resistance to common samples – from solvents to acids.

Smart features to streamline your daily workflow

  • Backlit display and measuring cell for convenient operation, also in dark surroundings
  • Store and select sample IDs to allocate a measured result to a sampling location
  • Stored results are conveniently printed or exported via the integrated IrDA interface

From the leading manufacturer of portable density meters

  • More than 40 years of experience in supplying digital hydrometers for on-site operation
  • Wide instrument portfolio serving every customer with exactly the solution required. Besides DMA 35 Basic, Anton Paar also offers:
    • EasyDens: the density and concentration meter for home beverage producers
    • DMA 35 Standard: the most rugged portable density meter, ready to withstand the rough conditions of field and outdoor use
    • DMA 35 Ex: the intrinsically safe portable density meter specially designed for the chemical industry
    • DMA 35 Ex Petrol: the only intrinsically safe instrument on the market specifically designed for the petroleum industry – compliant to ASTM D7777 and IP559 standards.
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