Handheld density meter: DMA 35 Basic

DMA 35 Basic is the entry-level handheld density meter that takes samples directly from the storage container with the help of the built-in pump and measures them on-site. Results are given as density or concentration, for example in °Brix, %v/v alcohol, or %w/w H2SO4. Because of its lightweight and flat design, hard-to-reach samples, such as automotive batteries stored on narrow racks or wine samples out of stacked wine barrels, can be conveniently measured.


  • Entry-level digital density meter
  • Compact and portable density meter, only 345 g
  • Ideal for the use in tight spaces or of difficult-to-reach samples
  • Results in seconds from only 2 mL of sample
  • Fits in your cargo pocket

density meter: DMA 35 Basic


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