DMA 501

  • 3-digit digital density measurement from the market leader
  • Small is big: only 1 mL sample volume avoids wasting product
  • Big is bigger: 7” glove-friendly touchscreen for great usability
  • No manual calculations due to 60+ conversion tables
  • Ready for pasty, inhomogeneous, particle-containing samples

Compact digital density meter: DMA 501


Change for the better: DMA 501 and DMA 1001 are entry-level digital density meters which will revolutionize your work in the lab as well as your quality checks at the production line and storage facilities. Developed and manufactured by the world market leader, they rise to the challenge of speeding up the measurement of pasty, inhomogeneous, sedimenting, and particle-containing samples, and even aerosol sprays. DMA 501 and DMA 1001 are Anton Paar’s answer to the demands of our customers in industry. They are ready for all samples and work reliably in harsh conditions.

Both instruments make digital density measurement accessible for everybody: First, they come with an unmatched price tag. Second, their guided user workflows, customizable screen layouts, and many support features such as the FillingCheck™ and condition monitoring ensure they can be operated after only minimum training.

All products are delivered with factory calibration.


Upgrade your density measurements and leave your time-intensive, breakage-prone hydrometers behind. Over 60 integrated conversion tables, 400 freely configurable methods, and memory for up to 5000 data logs set the benchmark in this segment. Set up the device once with all your frequently used tests and return to them again and again to immediately see a clear “pass/fail” result based on your defined acceptable upper and lower limits.

As DMA 501/1001 requires only 1 mL sample volume you won’t waste valuable product. Both instruments thrive in harsh environments and automatically compensate for external influences such as humidity, altitude, and ambient temperature. When linked to AP Connect, our lab execution software, all data is stored in a single digital space and accessible from any network computer.

DMA 501 is your entry-ticket to 3-digit digital density measurement. Choose DMA 1001 for 4-digit accuracy and full compliance with international standards, including all relevant Pharmacopeia (US, EU, JP, CN), data integrity (21 CFR Part 11, GMP 4 annex 11&15, ALCOA+), and ASTM D4052 & D5002.

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