DMA 4101

  • 4-digit measurements in 20 seconds
  • Ultra-fast measurement mode maximizes throughput
  • Best-in-class filling control provides reliable results
  • 200+ conversion tables for quicker results

Benchtop density meter: DMA 4101


We’ve incorporated over five decades of experience developing market-leading benchtop density meters into our new generation of density meters. With best-in-class U-tube technology based on our patented Pulsed Excitation Method, our Next-Level Density Meters are the fastest, most intelligent benchtop density meters we’ve made to date.
20-second (4-digit) results give you high throughput. Compliance with a range of standards gives you peace of mind. There’s storage space for up to 10,000 measurements. And up to 6-digit accuracy gives you results you can rely on.
Now that’s taking it to the next level.

Key features

Fast and accurate benchtop density meters

  • Get market-leading precision, repeatability, and reproducibility with our patented Pulsed Excitation Method
  • Maximize throughput with an ultra-fast measurement mode
  • Define limits for different samples and make pass/fail QC decisions right away
  • 200+ pre-installed conversion tables show concentration values immediately
  • Achieve excellent results for highly viscous samples with the best viscosity correction on the market
  • Get reliable measurement results for high- and low-density samples as well as inhomogeneous, sedimenting, or particle-containing ones

High-tech features simplify your lab

  • Know your samples are filled correctly with FillingCheck™, which even detects microbubbles, and U-ViewTM, which shows a zoomable image of the measuring cell
  • Benefit from an automatic compensation of the U-tube’s aging effects and minimized drift over the lifetime of the instrument
  • Use 30+ guided user workflows and five industry-specific profiles with predefined quantities and scales
  • Streamline your data management with AP Connect

Guaranteed compliance gives you peace of mind

  • Comply with ASTM D4052, D5002, D1250, ISO 12185 petroleum standards, and all relevant pharmacopeias
  • Satisfy all major data integrity and traceability standards (e.g., 21 CFR Part 11)
  • Ensure your results are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) with ISO 17025 calibration from our accredited lab
  • Use our ISO 17034-certified reference material for density to ensure your instrument is perfectly calibrated

Modularity lets you conduct multiparameter analysis

  • Connect your benchtop density meter to a range of Anton Paar measuring modules to forge a multiparameter system
  • Measure all relevant QC parameters from the same sample under the same conditions
  • Measure more than eight parameters at once

Automated processes for higher throughput

  • Automate your filling, measuring, and cleaning process by choosing from seven different sample changers (optional)
  • Ensure accurate results without operator influence
  • Reduce contact with dangerous substances during filling with automated sample changers
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