Handheld Alcohol Meter: Snap

  • Accuracy of 0.2 %v/v
  • One Snap 41 replaces all your glass hydrometers
  • Tailored to the needs of microdistilleries

Handheld alcohol meter: Snap 41 & 51


Snap 41 and Snap 51 are digital alcohol hydrometers for on-site measurement of spirits with outstanding accuracy. One instrument will replace all the glass hydrometers in your distillery and ensure what is on the label is in the bottle. Snap 41/51 measures the alcohol content in all your sugar-free distilled spirits at any strength along the whole production process.

Use the portable instrument directly at the container and get results within a few seconds. With cutting-edge technology in a long-life instrument, the Snap series gives your hand-crafted spirits the high-quality measurement they deserve.

Key features

Alcohol measurement with easy procedures – no human errors

  • Temperature correction of results is done automatically: no need for temperature correction tables
  • Values are shown in %v/v (corrected to 20 °C or 15 °C for the Japanese market) or °Proof (corrected to 60 °F)
  • Fine-tune your spirit’s alcoholic strength with an accuracy of 0.1 %v/v (Snap 51) or 0.2 %v/v (Snap 41) and save valuable pure distilled spirits.
  • The influence of viscosity on your result is automatically corrected.
  • Calibration and adjustments are easy to perform with deionized water, following the predefined routine.
  • Snap 51 can identify samples via RFID for excellent traceability of results
  • Read results from the large color screen. With Snap 51 you can store them and print or export them to a PC via Bluetooth® later on.

Use the same portable alcohol meter along the whole production process

  • Alcohol measuring range from 0 %v/v to 100 %v/v
  • All your glass hydrometers are replaced by one digital alcohol hydrometer.
  • You can use Snap 51 during all stages of spirits production.
  • The sugar concentration in fruit juices can also be measured.
  • If you already have an alcohol meter in your lab, use Snap 41/51 for additional quick checks during production or for intake control.

Perform your alcohol measurements on-site in 30 seconds

  • 2 mL of sample are taken directly from the storage container with the help of the built-in pump.
  • Gesture control enables one-hand operation so you can hold steady when measuring difficult to reach samples.
  • Convenient left- and right-handed use
  • Measuring cell with inspection window and backlight for convenient inspection of proper sample filling.
  • Automatically rotating screen for conveniently readable results at any instrument position
  • The newly designed metal bracket ensures a stable, balanced positioning of the instrument on the sample container.

An impressively long working life

  • Robust measuring cell made of metal (Inconel) with a splash-proof housing and hard-glass front
  • Operated via capacitive keys with a sensitivity suitable for use with or without gloves
  • Designed for on-site use at the storage location of your spirits
  • Special rubber protection for measuring cell included to absorb knocks during routine operation

A high-class digital alcohol meter from the market leader

  • The alcohol concentration is derived from a highly accurate density measurement based on the oscillating U-tube principle.
  • Anton Paar is the market leader in this technology and has more than 50 years of experience.
  • Digital alcohol meters from Anton Paar are the industry standard, used by large-scale distilleries, governmental organizations, and craft distilleries.
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