Alcohol Analyzing Bundle

  • Alcohol content determination of finished beer (± 0.5 %v/v)
  • Results for real extract (± 0.2 %w/w), original gravity (± 0.8 %w/w)
  • Extract content and fermentation tracking
  • Smart data management via the Brew Meister app

Alcohol Analyzing Bundle:
EasyDens and SmartRef Combo ( Beer, Wine, Kombucha, Liqueur)


The EasyDens & SmartRef Combo combines density and refractive index to determine the alcohol content in fermenting and finished beer, wine, kombucha, and liqueur. Via a mobile app, you can access a range of features: automatic temperature compensation, application-specific corrections, and the ability to control measuring conditions.

Key features

A smart combination for alcohol content measurement

A smart combination for alcohol content measurement

  • Determine alcohol content in your fermenting and finished beer, wine, kombucha, and liqueur
  • Determine the original gravity and the real extract for beer and the total extract for wine
  • With the mobile app, you can save, manage, access, and export measurement data
The EasyDens digital density meter

The EasyDens digital density meter

  • EasyDens measures the density of fluids based on the oscillating U-tube principle, which provides highly accurate results
  • Conduct measurements wirelessly via app for your beer, wine, spirits, hard seltzer, and kombucha
  • Enjoy reliable measurement results throughout your entire manufacturing process – even when alcohol is present
  • Get measurement results in various units: °Plato, specific gravity, °Brix, °Baumé, °Oechsle, °KMW, %v/v, %w/w, and many others
  • It’s water-resistant with an IP65 rating
The SmartRef digital refractometer

The SmartRef digital refractometer

  • Compact portable refractometer that measures the refractive index of fluids
  • Use it wirelessly with an app for a wide variety of applications
  • Get quick results for the sugar content of grapes
  • Measure extract content during your beer brewing process and track fermentation throughout the entire process – due to automatic wort and alcohol correction
  • Determine the salinity in saltwater aquariums or the moisture in honey
  • Access over 40 measurement units for different applications
  • Use it in rough environments: It has a stainless steel sample well and is waterproof with an IP66 rating



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