Alcohol Analyzing System: Alcolyzer

  • Entire production process monitoring: from wort to finished beer
  • Direct and selective alcohol determination
  • All types of beer, cider, hard seltzer, and kombucha
  • Four measuring modules, 30+ industry-specific parameters
  • Fully automatic check/calibration thanks to built-in SOP

Alcohol Analyzing System: Alcolyzer


Monitor your entire production process with a single measurement solution.

The modular Alcolyzer Analyzing System – with up to five measuring modules and more than 30 industry-specific parameters – doesn’t just provide insight into each detail of your production process, safeguard product specifications, and uncover hidden potential for optimization, it also reduces product loss to zero, guarantees the desired taste, and secures label declaration. Enjoy maximum operator convenience and unmatched precision in a single measuring system.

Key features


Direct, selective alcohol determination

Alcolyzer Analyzing Systems determine the alcohol content in your beer, wine, spirit, liqueur, or sake without influence by other sample ingredients. They don’t require any calibration model but measure alcohol directly and based on a unique, selective NIR absorption method. As there’s no need for distillation, measured results are available 10x quicker.

One system to monitor overall quality throughout production

From wort, juice, or mash to finished beer, wine, spirits, and liqueur, one analyzing system measures all key parameters throughout your whole production process. Gain a deep understanding of how to optimize your process, eliminate errors, and improve production stability by quickly performing all measurements in-house. Results take only four minutes.

A system setup according to your needs

The modular setup of the Alcolyzer Analyzing Systems allows configuration of your ideal measurement solution, including parameters of interest. Be prepared for your business to grow: Choose our preconfigured setups and upgrade anytime for additional parameters or automation solutions handling up to 24 samples in a row without user interaction.

Easy calibration and product-independent adjustment

A fully automatic built-in SOP leads you through the calibration and adjustment procedure – easy with water, and one binary solution. New recipes aren’t a challenge: Your analyzing system is ready to measure all samples straight away, with one-and-the-same calibration.

Full compliance with international standards

Rely on technology recommended under industry-specific regulations, e.g., EBC, ASBC, MEBAK, and BCoJ for beer, or OIV and TTB for wine and spirits. This gives you peace of mind when you declare your product and ensures smooth export and import processes. Further, you comply with distillation as the acknowledged reference method.

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