Packaged Beverage Analyzer: PBA

  • Selective alcohol determination via unique Alcolyzer technology
  • Zero sample preparation: Results are more than 9x quicker than with conventional methods
  • Modular setup measuring 50+ beer-specific parameters from a single package, including total package oxygen
  • For all types of beer, cider, hard seltzer, and kombucha

Packaged Beverage Analyzer: PBA


The Packaged Beverage Analyzer’s simultaneous single-cycle measurement eliminates time-consuming calibration, minimizes cleaning, and saves you up to two hours a day. The system has a modular setup, and is configurable according to your needs. Filler performance, consistency of production, conformity with legal requirements and ultimate consumer satisfaction are all ensured.

Final quality assurance in three minutes

Crown your production control with confidence in the final product: Packaged Beverage Analyzers measure all key parameters directly from the final package. Rely on batch-to-batch consistency already at the storage tank and confirm after bottling so you conform with legal requirements.

Immediately detect performance issues at the filler and optimize your filling process. The simultaneous analysis of all quality parameters with a single Packaged Beverage Analyzer reduces analysis time to just three minutes – over 9x quicker than conventional methods.

Selective alcohol and CO₂ determination

Packaged Beverage Analyzers unite unique measuring principles for alcohol and CO2. Selectively determine alcohol content with Anton Paar’s market-leading Alcolyzer and further selectively measure CO2 without influence from other sample ingredients.


The system delivers certainty on tax declarations based on alcohol or CO2 levels, and enables you to nail down the CO2 concentration for each of your beer styles and thrill your customers with an unmatched taste experience – all without the need for sample preparation.

Zero sample preparation

The direct, pressurized filling of a sample in a Packaged Beverage Analyzer eliminates the need for sample preparation, use of glassware, and potential contamination of the product. It eliminates operator interaction with the sample and ensures airtight reliability of analysis results. The final package – either a can, glass bottle or PET bottle – is placed into the PFD filling device for direct sample transfer. The system can handle any package closure type.

Easy calibration and product-independent adjustment

The system is simply calibrated and adjusted with water and a binary solution. Fully automated instructions lead you through the calibration and adjustment procedure. New recipes aren’t a challenge: All samples are measured straight away, with no need for any product-specific calibrations.

Individual system setup, with upgrade possibility

The modular setup of the Packaged Beverage Analyzer lets you configure your ideal measurement solution, including the parameters you need. Analyze all required quality parameters from a single sample on a single system in a single measurement cycle and reduce complexity in your laboratory to a minimum. Choose from more than 30 parameters to set up your individual system – which can be upgraded anytime.

The high-end system: PBA 5001 Beer featuring TPO analysis

PBA 5001 with an integrated TPO 5000 total package oxygen meter is the high-end solution for quality control of beer. It measures up to 50 quality parameters from a single package and delivers all parameters at the push of a button in a single data set. An automated leak test, combined with O2 performance verification and automatic cleaning routines, guarantees the highest efficiency in final quality control and frees up operator capacities. Easily switch between different package types – the system automatically centers your package before piercing. Cans are easily analyzed upside-down, entirely eliminating any risk of leaks during the piercing process.



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