Flavors & Fragrances

  • Smallest sample volume for all-in-one measurements
  • Convenient, automated operation gives results in minutes
  • Save costs due to sample recovery option after measurement

MODULYZER : Flavors & Fragrances


Modulyzer Flavors & Fragrances is an analyzing system that combines multiple measuring parameters with a full automation option to deliver all necessary information about substances in the flavors and fragrances industry with just one measurement. Use the best time- and cost-saving solution for your quality control in this challenging industry.

Key features

Minimize your sample volume – reduce your costs

Most substances in flavors and fragrances can only be produced with expensive and time-consuming extraction processes. Saving sample volume in quality control (e.g., for rose oil) results in the biggest cost reduction in sample analysis. Modulyzer Flavors & Fragrances provides all-in-one measurement of density, refractive index, and, as an additional option, optical rotation – and requires a sample volume even smaller than 10 mL per measurement cycle. There’s also an option to recover your sample after the measurement.

Simplify your work – automate your process

With Modulyzer Flavors & Fragrances, all operator interaction takes place in one instrument setup. There is no further need to switch between instruments, e.g. for calibration or manual combination of results and reports. The fully automated process eliminates human error in filling, manual measurements, cleaning, and data transfer. No more waste of time due to faulty measurements and lost data – benefit from a simplified workflow and obtain results after just a few minutes.

Best automated cleaning – achieve highest precision

In quality control and the development of new blends, precise measurement results are crucial, as even the smallest deviation can lead to higher production costs or faulty products. Especially the use of the right cleaning substances, e.g. ethanol, plays an essential role in production efficiency, since the highest precision can only be reached with the best possible cleaning process. The Xsample 530 sample changer provides various automated cleaning options for your multiparameter measuring system.

Additional options for even more parameters – expand your system

Add further Anton Paar measuring modules to your Modulyzer Flavors & Fragrances instrument and get even more information with one measurement run while saving time and costs, or enter new markets and applications with your portfolio. The modular instrument setup can be extended with different modules for additional parameters like pH, turbidity, and more.

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