• Fast, simultaneous determination of alcohol and extract content
  • Up to 400 predefined measurement settings for different types of liqueur
  • Full compliance to officially accepted methods

Modulyzer : Liqueurs


Modulyzer Liqueurs is a dedicated system for the analysis of all types of liqueurs. The basic modular setup consists of a density meter in combination with a refractometer. Optional modules, such as pH 3101 and the Haze 3001 turbidity meter, and solutions for automation, such as automatic sample changers, enable the simultaneous measurement of up to four quality parameters in one go and reduce handling time to a minimum.

Key features

Reduce time-consuming distillations to a minimum

  • Benefit from 400 predefined measurement settings for different liqueur types
  • Test samples quickly for 100 % comparable results
  • Ensure consistent production by monitoring even the slightest process changes
  • Prevent potential human errors and enjoy a revolutionary usability design with a 10.1” PCAP touchscreen

Measure alcohol and extract of liqueurs at once

  • Simultaneous determination of alcohol and extract content
  • Analysis of liqueurs containing additional ingredients (e.g. cream) or based on alternative sweeteners (e.g. HFCS)
  • Ready for the future: It does not matter how creamy or turbid your new products are, the system is able to measure them all
  • Convenient and fast cleaning of the measuring cells with water or typical laboratory cleaners
  • Storage of up to 10,000 measurements

Comply to officially accepted methods

  • The oscillating U-tube principle used by the benchtop density meters DMA 4501 and DMA 5001 enjoys approval by tax offices and customs laboratories
  • Full traceability of the sample-filling and measurement process
  • Customer-oriented and intuitive user management system
  • Fully automatic sample processing with automatic sample identification by means of a barcode reader
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