• One sample filling, two key parameters: density and turbidity
  • Many filling possibilities and minimal sample volume
  • Eliminates handling of measuring cuvettes
  • Accurate temperature control throughout the whole measurement process
  • Complete traceability

Modulyzer : Turbidity


Specific gravity and turbidity measurement from one sample filling – Modulyzer Turbidity combines two key parameters for injectables, infusions, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, and liquid formulations. Proven density measurement and a robust, fully enclosed turbidity measuring module require minimal sample volume and offer various filling possibilities as well as accurate temperature control to obtain the best result possible in the shortest time. Superior software features for regulated industries ensure complete traceability.

Key features

Two key parameters for your pharma application from one sample filling

Most liquid pharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, or flavor and fragrance compounds have to be clear. Opalescence-inducing particles indicate contamination or even an unsafe product. In many biotechnological applications, turbidity changes are a parameter to monitor filtration and cleaning processes or factors like protein aggregation – besides the need to measure the sample’s density.

Modulyzer Turbidity allows the combined measurement of these two parameters from one sample filling. This provides you with more results in only half the sample handling time. The measurement is controlled from the master instrument (density meter) and results are instantly combined into one data set, avoiding compilation error. Plus, you save about 50 % bench space in your lab compared to single instruments.

Minimal sample volume required

Never again waste precious sample liquid when filling standard measuring cuvettes and high-volume glass pycnometers or hydrometers. Modulyzer Turbidity allows reliable measurements with as little as 3 mL of sample volume for a single turbidity measurement when injected directly at the Haze 3001 module, or as little as 5 mL for a combined density and turbidity measurement.

Automation options to suit your workload and sample type

There is a filling solution for each requirement – from sample throughput to sample properties or necessary safety measures. Fill and measure a day’s workload of samples with a multi-sample changer, freeing up time for other laboratory tasks. Properly fill and clean hazardous samples with a single sample changer to safely handle dangerous substances like aggressive chemicals or biologically active pharmaceuticals. For a quick determination of a single measuring parameter, simply fill the specific measuring module directly with a syringe to minimize sample consumption.

No complex handling of measuring cuvettes for turbidity measurements

Maintaining the glass cuvettes for a regular turbidity meter can be inconvenient. Proper cleaning, avoiding surface scratches, regular calibrations, and marking for best orientation in the measuring cell, as well as wiping the cuvettes with silicone oil to minimize light distortion need normally be performed for continuously accurate measurements. But the robustly built, completely enclosed measuring cell and setup of the Haze 3001 turbidity module eliminates all of them. Simple flow-through filling, directly or connected to the density meter, is all that’s needed. Guided check measurements for zero-value checks and live view into the density meter’s U-tube help to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning procedures. Modulyzer Turbidity’s features reduce overall handling times by up to 80 % and eliminate error sources entirely.

Accurate temperature control throughout the whole measurement

Sample temperature is a factor significantly affecting density and turbidity values. The Modulyzer Turbidity’s measuring modules have best-in-class Peltier-based temperature control, which allows for fast temperature equilibration of the sample as well as perfect control of the measuring conditions. Continuous reproducible results are guaranteed.

Complete traceability, advanced instrument control, and data handling

In all regulated industries following GMP guidelines, all actions on laboratory instruments need to be documented. Superior compliance features like user management, audit trail, and electronic signature/review & approval processes eliminate any doubts about your measured results. Adapt your system to your specific data integrity requirements and be sure your measurement data is safe. Control your instruments directly from your computer, via network connection, and use our lab execution software, AP Connect, to collect, review, and organize your measurement data. Industry-specific instrument qualification packages and competent service reduce the time to integrate your Modulyzer Turbidity in your daily workflow and operational activities.

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