Jet Fuel

  • Multiparameter measurement for jet fuel samples and additives
  • Maximum cost efficiency and productivity
  • Full compliance for fuel analysis

Modulyzer : Jet Fuel


Modulyzer Jet Fuel is the most versatile solution for jet fuel analysis, providing crucial parameters, such as viscosity, density, cloud point, and freezing point, as well as refractive index, with a single measurement. This instrument configuration is a real time saver for laboratories and companies performing testing and quality control of fuels. Thanks to low sample and solvent volume as well as energy consumption, operational costs are reduced to a minimum. In summary, Modulyzer Jet Fuel offers the best solution on the market at a competitive price.

Key features

Time-saving multiparameter measurement for jet fuel samples

Anton Paar’s Modulyzer Jet Fuel maximizes the efficiency of your lab by reducing workload while enhancing your daily throughput. The instrument configuration provides multiple parameters such as viscosity, density, cloud point, freezing point and refractive index with just one measuring cycle. This saves time, as these measurements do not have to be performed on separate instruments consecutively.

Cost efficiency and productivity at their best

Modulyzer Jet Fuel requires very little sample (up to 12.5 mL) and solvent, ensuring sustainable and economic measurements by reducing disposal costs. Temperature control with Peltier technology offers great energy savings, significantly reducing operational expenses and cost per sample. No counter-cooling is needed to perform viscosity measurements down to -20 °C, the temperature at which jet fuel is typically specified. This also saves lab space. Automation with an Xsample 530 sample changer reduces potential human error and frees up the operator to perform other tasks, increasing productivity. Using the Xsample 530 sample changer in the Modulyzer Jet Fuel instrument setup permits measurements overnight and during weekends.

Compliance is key

Modulyzer Jet Fuel is compliant with all international standards and product specifications (jet fuel according to ASTM D1655; viscosity and density according to ASTM D7042 and D4052, respectively; refractive index as per ASTM D1218.

In addition, Modulyzer Jet Fuel provides bias-corrected D445 results, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of measuring viscosity according to ASTM D7042 while reporting D445 results.

Measure more than just jet fuels

Modulyzer Jet Fuel lets you measure a wide variety of samples, not just jet fuel. Diesel and fuels can also be tested – thanks to the instrument’s wide measuring range for viscosity, density, refractive index, freezing point, and cloud point, as well as its broad temperature range. Beyond fuels, you can also measure additives such as fuel system icing inhibitors (ASTM D5006) or AdBlue (ISO 22241). In contrast to glass capillary systems, no time-consuming trial and error approach is required to establish the correct capillary when measuring samples with unknown viscosity.

Easy handling and little maintenance effort

Little time and effort are needed for installation and operation of Modulyzer Jet Fuel. Thanks to the intuitive software, you have all required parameters right at your fingertips. All necessary calculations are performed automatically by the instrument setup’s integrated PC. The highly robust metal measuring cell of the viscometer and the measuring prism of the refractometer can be accessed tool-free, enabling convenient and fast cleaning.

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