Smart Density Meter: EasyDens

  • Quick measurement – results in under 5 seconds
  • High precision for all alcoholic beverages
  • Only 2 mL of sample required
  • Free iOS/Android app – track fermentation on your smartphone
  • New design

Smart Density Meter: EasyDens


EasyDens determines your wort’s extract content, the sugar content in your home-produced fruit juices, and the alcohol content in spirits with no sugar added. Use it to monitor the fermentation process of your beer, wine, and spirits via a daily measurement of apparent extract or sugar from a 2 mL sample. Download the free app to track the fermentation from your smartphone and easily assess the time for bottling. Results are displayed and stored on your smartphone, ready for export to a PC/Mac.

Key features

Consistency for your handcrafted creations

  • By monitoring the fermentation of your beverage so you can track the progress on your smartphone, EasyDens helps you ensure your outcomes are consistent.
  • For beer brewers: EasyDens calculates alcohol content from the measured °Plato/specific gravity results.
  • Gain insights and enhance your production skills by seeing the impact of your raw materials and production process on the measured results.
  • Several units of measurement are available for your:
    • Beer (specific gravity, °Plato).
    • Wine (°Brix, °KMW, °Oechsle, °Baumé, °Babo, g/L sugar concentration).
    • Alcohol (% v/v, % w/w, °Proof).
  • This one device covers the entire measuring range needed to produce your handcrafted product.

EasyDens for easy results

  • Concentration values are already temperature-corrected, so you need no further calculations or correction tables.
  • Measurements take less than one minute, including filling and cleaning.
  • You can clean, calibrate, and re-adjust EasyDens yourself, you just need deionized water.
  • Measurement data can be saved and exported from the EasyDens app for further processing on your PC/Mac.
  • EasyDens only needs 2 mL of sample for testing.

Technology from the market leader

  • The heart of EasyDens is its measuring cell, a handcrafted, high-precision glass component which delivers the most accurate results.
  • EasyDens is based on the renowned oscillating U-tube principle, which is also applied in the world’s most accurate density meter, DMA 5000 M.
  • The new design comes with IP65 protection.
  • Download the free smartphone app (for Android or iOS).
  • Data exchange between EasyDens and your smartphone is carried out via Bluetooth Low Energy.
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