RheoOptics – Rheo-Microscope

The Rheo-Microscope delivers insights into the inner structure of the sample during rheological measurements. The combination of light microscopy and rheology allows the visualization of the influence of shear and deformation forces on the sample structure. Among other things, you can observe and record the structure of emulsions at various points in the shear field through the microscope during shear. The setup consists of a CCD camera, a microscopy tube, illumination and a long working distance objective. The High Temperature Rheo-Microscope allows microscopic investigations of polymer melts and mixtures at temperatures up to 300 °C.

RheoOptics – Rheo-Microscope


Key Features

Technical highlights

  • Light microscopy simultaneous to rheological measurements
  • Universal temperature control for optical systems based on Peltier (up to 20 °C) or electrical temperature control (up to 300 °C)
  • Modular open design of microscope with standard optical components
  • Camera, microscope lens and light source are exchangeable
  • Lens magnifications: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
  • Measuring systems made of glass to avoid reflection
  • Module for fluorescence microscopy consisting of a high intensity light source and exchangeable excitation and transmission filters is available

Image recording and display

  • Rheometer software controls both rheometer and CCD camera
  • Automated image/video recording during measurement
  • Direct assignment of images and videos to rheological data
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