Modular Sample Processor

  • Automates your workflow, delivers 100 % traceability
  • Precisely dilutes, dispenses, adds, and blends a gravimetrically controlled sample volume with +/-0.9 mg accuracy
  • pH measurement, (de)capping of vials, and more additional modules for growing automation needs

Automatic dosing, blending, subsampling, and transferring: Modular Sample Processor


The Modular Sample Processor carries out automatic dosing, blending, subsampling, and transferring of liquids prior to analysis. It is available as a stand-alone benchtop unit or can optionally be integrated into complete automated workflows. With individual adaptations the Modular Sample Processor perfectly carries out all your liquid handling.

Key features

Don’t be the robot – feed it

The Modular Sample Processor processes liquids, pastes, and powders* with:

  • Viscosities up to 1000 mPa.s and
  • Input volumes from a few µL up to 1 liter

It precisely dilutes, dispenses, adds, and blends a gravimetrically controlled sample volume with an accuracy of +/-0.9 mg, where drip protection avoids the contamination of vials.

Seamlessly identify and process samples

The Modular Sample Processor is designed for 100 % traceability with:

  • ID-tag-based workflow programming
  • ID-tag-based process log file
  • Multiple ID tag formats: bar code, data matrix, QR, RFID

The self-explaining and easy-to-use control software for sample and workflow management offers:

  • Sample management by using job lists
  • Priority samples, which can be introduced at any time
  • LIMS integration (file transfer, database, Ethernet)

Additional modules for growing automation needs

The following modules can be added:

  • pH measurement module
  • Capping/decapping of sample vials
  • Various gripper tools
  • Automatic cutting of pipette opening to reduce shear stress
  • Shaker module for reproducible shaking
  • Different types of racks and accessories

* Powders on request

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