• Fully automated, 24/7 operation means no downtime and maximum productivity
  • Storage capacity of up to 54 samples, which gives you increased walkaway time and higher throughput
  • Benchtop size saves you much-needed lab space
  • Wide range of features to meet your requirements

Fully automated benchtop rheometer: HTR3000

Use HTR 3000 to conduct fully automated rheological measurements of up to 250 samples a day with Anton Paar’s MCR 102e or MCR 302e rheometers. It’s ideal for concentric cylinder and other relative measuring geometries. Automated measurements guarantee highly accurate, reproducible results, and the small benchtop size saves you much-needed lab space. And since you’re working with one company for your whole measuring system, you know your instruments and systems are seamlessly compatible.

Key features

Although our standard model covers most needs, we offer a range of feature upgrades to meet your requirements and produce individual configurations (e.g., for the automotive, paint, food, and personal care industries). Customized adaptions are available upon request.

Designed for 24/7 operation

Fully automated, 24/7 operation means no downtime and maximum productivity. Automated measurements reduce your lab staff’s workload, letting them focus on more pressing tasks. Use it in your production facility or in your lab, the choice is yours.

Put it where you need it: Use it in your production facility or in your lab for full flexibility. With HTR 3000, your investment pays off, giving you a quick ROI, too.

More sample storage, increased walkaway time

A third sample rack increases your storage capacity from 36 to 54 samples, giving you increased walkaway time and higher throughput. An automated Peltier unit pre-tempers the sample before it’s placed into the rheometer, shortening the tempering time in the rheometer and increasing throughput.

Automated cleaning lets you focus time elsewhere

Because it fully automates the measuring procedure and cleaning of the upper measurement geometry, lab staff can focus on other, more important tasks during the day. When it comes to hard-to-clean samples, the integrated cleaning unit is upgradeable with a cleaning detergent pump, which ensures the upper measurement geometry is cleaned effectively.

Easy handling reduces errors

With its intuitive and easy-to-handle operating procedure, you can get your measurements started in just a few, easy-to-do steps. Since measurement results are directly transferred to your network storage or LIMS, you save time and eliminate manual input errors. Plus, you prevent errors during cup placement with a unique data matrix code labeled on the bottom of the cups, a handheld scanner, and the integrated code reader.

pH station for additional sample analysis

After performing rheological measurements, the HTR 3000 performs pH measurements, pH probe cleaning, and reference measurements performance checks – all of this is automated so there’s no need to worry. A calibration functionality within the HTR 3000 is also available.

Cooled rack for consistent sample conditions

A cooled storage rack for 36 cups keeps your samples at a temperature range of between 8 °C to 25 °C, so certain samples like dairy products don’t go bad during storage.

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