ALAB 5000 : Torque

  • Measure opening torque and ring crack torque in 30 seconds (per bottle)
  • Fully automated, 24/7 operation means no downtime and maximum productivity
  • Designed to perform in rough production environments

ALAB 5000 : Torque


Designed for filling lines and analysis labs, the ALAB 5000 series brings automated quality control to the beverage industry. We’ve integrated our instruments for packaged beverages into an automated solution that provides quick, at-line quality control for various beverages, including beer, wine, soft drinks, water, and sake.

ALAB 5000 Analytic can analyze bulk and retail packaged beverages for the most important physical and chemical parameters, while ALAB 5000 Torque measures the opening torque of twist-off caps and crowns for bottles.

Integrate ALAB 5000 Analytic or ALAB 5000 Torque into new or existing filling lines, or use them as stand-alone solutions. And since you’re working with one company for your whole measuring system, know your instruments and systems are seamlessly compatible.

Key features

Automated, real-time measurement results

Automated, 24/7 operation means no downtime on your production line and maximum productivity. Real-time measurement results right at the production line mean your production team can respond to deviations on the spot, saving you future costs on out-of-spec production. Since anyone on your production team can respond to any deviations, there’s no need to get your highly trained QC team involved.

Eliminate errors, no sample prep needed: Because sample preparation is automated, each sample is prepared in a reproducible, accurate way. Every measurement starts with the same external influences – and there’s no operator influence – which ensures high reproducibility of measurement results.

Enhanced throughput and time savings

We’ve combined decades of experience in the beverage industry with a proven design to produce an automated measuring system that you can rely on. Eight-minute (Analytic) and 30-second (Torque) measurement times and at-line analysis let you conduct more measurements than ever before. Automated cleaning and maintenance features (and integrated analytics) let your production team focus on other, more pressing tasks during the day.

One instrument, one sample, tons of parameters

With ALAB 5000 Analytic, measure your most relevant parameters on one sample and spend your time working on more important tasks. With our total package oxygen meter TPO 5000 and our Packaged Beverage Analyzer (PBA) system, you can determine important parameters such as density, alcohol concentration, extract, and many more depending on the configuration.

One solution for wide range of bottle sizes and diameters

With its universal adapter for closure diameters, ALAB Torque can measure the opening torque and ring crack torque of cap diameters ranging from 25 mm to 40 mm, no matter the material. With an automatic torque verification, you know you always get correct measurement results.

Robust and ready for the production facility

Protective features – like housing and enclosed cabinets – let it withstand high temperatures and humidity levels. With air conditioning and a dry air supply, it maintains stable ambient conditions so you can move your instruments from your lab to your production line.


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