Inline Sound Velocity Sensor: L-Sonic

  • Perfect sound velocity sensor for inline concentration measurement, interface detection, product identification, and quality control
  • Robust, durable, precise
  • Wetted parts, even for the toughest chemical applications
  • No bypass, no pumps, no valves needed

Inline Sound Velocity Sensor: L-Sonic


Consisting of two types of sensors, our L-Sonic series builds on more than 30 years of experience developing sound velocity measurement technology. L-Sonic 5100 is a fork-type sound velocity meter, while L-Sonic 6100, a tube type meter, is tailor-made for high-precision OCR measurements.

Our sensors are made of wetted part materials, such as SST, Hastelloy, or Monel. From the chemistry, petroleum, and mining industries to the HVAC and beer ones, these easy-to-use sensors are used in industries all over the world.
Key features

Conduct highly accurate measurements
Measure with repeatability up to 0.005 m/s for highly accurate results
Conduct measurements that are insensitive to gas bubbles
Measure even at flow rates at around 0 m/s- with high precision and reliability
Conduct high-precision temperature measurement for accurate formula compensation
Get peace of mind: Changes in flow-rate, pressure, and viscosity don’t affect your results

Withstand tough environments with the sound velocity sensor’s robust design
Build your sensors from a range of high-quality materials:1.4404 stainless steel as high-quality standard fork material
Hastelloy as high-tech material for sulfuric acid and other harsh chemical environments
Monel alloy for potassium hydroxide (KOH) and saltwater applications
24k gold and rhodium for the toughest situations
Get ex-d and hygienic certificates
Minimize downtime as the complete L-Sonic series is maintenance-free
CIP/SIP-ready and EHEDG certificate available

Integrate quickly and easily: No bypass, no pumps, no valves
Integrate cost-efficiently and benefit from a great price-performance ration
Optimize project costs due to fast ROI
Install directly in a tank or in a pipe within seconds
Measure at flow rates at around 0 m/s- with the highest precision and reliability
Access customized flange connections and fork lengths for your requirements

Enjoy various adapters and cleaning solutions
Access a wide range of different adapter solutions for convenient and fast sensor integrationPTFE/ PFA coated T-pieces and adapters for chemical installations
Reductions and sample cups for integration in small pipe diameters
Transition adapters for sensor integration in large tank and pipe connectors
Utilize several cleaning options that keep the fork clean without having to remove the sensorDirectly integrated cleaning nozzles for tank or kettle installations
Separated cleaning nozzles for flexible pipe installation

Choose only the best sensor for your industry needs
Along with other industries, our sound velocity meters have been best engineered for:

Concentration measurement in the chemical and petroleum industry
Concentration measurement of rolling oil emulsions in the steel, aluminum, and copper industry
Phase detection and product identification for all industries
Product quality control for all industries
Wort measurement in the beer and brewery industry
Sugar concentration measurement
Ethanol concentration measurement
Oil Circulation Ratio (OCR) optimization for the automotive and HAVAC industry

Optimize OCR measurements with L-Sonic 6100
Use L-Sonic 6100’s plug and measure system
Access our extensive formula portfolio, which has been developed over decadesFormulas for classical refrigerants (R-1234yf, R-32, R-134a, and many more)
Formulas for Propane (R-290) and CO2 (R-744)
Optimized for automotive companies, parts suppliers, research institutes, and various companies from the HVAC industry

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