L-Com 5500

  • Highly accurate, all-in-one density and sound velocity sensor
  • Perfectly suited for the measurement of 3-component mixtures
  • Minimized effort and costs for tank or pipe installations
  • Easy commissioning and handling, no consumables, no maintenance
  • Explosion-proof version available

Combined density and sound velocity sensor:
L-Com 5500


L-Com 5500 is Anton Paar’s smart density and sound velocity sensor combination in one instrument for the measurement of 3-component mixtures – with market-leading accuracy of 0.05 kg/m³ for density measurement and 0.1 m/s for sound velocity measurement.

It’s ideal for monitoring and controlling 3-component chemicals, such as formaldehyde-methanol-water mixtures, or for the production control of beers – analyzed by their alcohol and extract content.

The modular design of the instrument, with its wide range of accessories for pipe and tank installations, minimizes integration efforts and costs, even in hazardous environments.

Key Features

3-component concentration measurement with only one instrument
L-Com 5500 is a smart combination of the L-Dens 7500 density sensor with a piezo-excited U-tube and the sound velocity measurement of L-Sonic.

This fusion brings you a high-end sensor with the best accuracy on the market (5 x 10-5 g/cm³ for density measurement and 0.1 m/s for sound velocity measurement). The integrated high-precision temperature measurement allows real-time following of process changes.

Concentration determination of 3-component mixtures is necessary for:

  • Formaldehyde-methanol-water
  • Sucrose-inverted sugar-water
  • Alcohol-extract-water

Flexible solutions for all your process environments
Different options are available for all types of process installations and can be integrated easily and cost-efficiently:

  • Inline, bypass, and tank installation with integrated pump
  • Inline and bypass installation with standard or customized adapter
  • For inline, bypass, and tank installations, L-Com 5500 can be combined with different Anton Paar pumps (Inline Pump 520 or Inline Pump 300) to ensure constant media flow through the sensor, guaranteeing stable measurement values. For inline and bypass installations, we offer standard process adapters or customized adapters without the need for a pump.

L-Com 5500 is also available in an explosion-proof version, specially designed for the measurement of flammable liquids in hazardous environments. The sensor can also be combined with the new Inline Pump 300 Ex d to guarantee high-precision measurement in tanks or under strongly fluctuating process conditions.

Save time – hassle-free operation right from the start
L-Com 5500 delivers reliable concentration measurement values straight away. Delivered ready to use, including the required concentration formula, the sensor only requires the usual adjustment of the process to the laboratory values.

  • Factory-adjusted sensors – ready to use.
  • Integrated concentration formulas.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • No consumables.
  • Profound application expertise and customized formula development
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