• Stand-alone sensor, especially for low flow rates
  • Continuously monitors density and concentration at 3-digit accuracy
  • Comprehensive concentration formula database
  • Available with or without HMI
  • Easy integration, no maintenance, no consumables required

Compact inline density meter: L-Dens


The L-Dens 2300 density sensors – flexible, compact OEM modules – deliver 3-digit accuracy especially at low flow rates (≤80 L/h) and can be easily integrated into different instruments and systems. That’s why L-Dens 2300 is the cost-effective solution for integrated density measurement.

L-Dens 3300 is a flexible, stand-alone sensor for inline density measurement and concentration determination at 3-digit accuracy. A wide range of application options makes the instrument extremely versatile, even for small lab production setups in various industries. Wetted material available in stainless steel and borosilicate glass enables the measurement of both non-corrosive and aggressive media such as sulfuric acid.
Key features

3-digit accuracy, especially at low flow rates (<80 L/h)
The compact L-Dens 2300 OEM module and the stand-alone L-Dens 3300 sensor deliver 3-digit accuracy for process liquid density and concentration measurements, especially under low flow conditions (<80 L/h).

Easy installation: A fit for tight spaces, resistant to aggressive media
No space? No problem. With the L-Dens 2300 OEM module, the sensor and process board form a small, compact unit easily integrated into different systems – which can therefore be designed to be more space-flexible.

The all-in-one, multi-application L-Dens 3300 sensors are versatile across industries (e.g., petroleum, chemicals, and beverages, as well as for public research institutions). The sensor is ideally suited to, for example, lab reactors and pilot or production plants. These sensors can be ordered with or without HMI.

The wetted parts are available in stainless steel for standard applications (non-corrosive liquids) or in borosilicate glass to withstand aggressive process liquids. Choose the material based on your production media.

Zero maintenance, zero consumables
Once L-Dens 2300 is installed in your system or the L-Dens 3300 all-in-one solution is set up, no maintenance or consumables are required – keeping operational and capital expenditure down.

Large application database, customized formula development
Need to simply measure, or continuously monitor, your application’s density value or determine the concentration of your liquid? Anton Paar has extensive expertise in measuring a wide range of liquids – from the petrochemical and chemical industries to the beverage industry.

In our in-house laboratory we evaluate customer-specific samples and develop the right formula for you.

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