Digital Refractometer: SmartRef

  • Wide measuring range: 0 °Brix to 85 °Brix
  • Accuracy: 0.2 °Brix
  • Quick readings: results in under two seconds
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Free iOS/Android app

Digital Refractometer: SmartRef


The SmartRef digital refractometer is a portable smart pocket device suitable for a wide range of requirements. In combination with a free mobile app, it offers more than 15 different measurement units. Measure the salt content of your saltwater aquarium or pool, the extract content of your beer, the sugar content in wine, the sweetness of fruits and vegetables, the moisture of honey, and much more.

Key features


Smart technology for consistent results

  • The SmartRef portable refractometer is used in combination with a free mobile app for Android and iOS via Bluetooth Low Energy and enables intelligent handling of the measurement results.
  • The app permits easy storage, visualization, management, and sharing of measurement data.
  • SmartGuide+ detects and helps eliminate measurement problems through high ambient light detection, continuous checking of prism and sample condition, and more.
  • In addition to the quick measurement mode, measurements in continuous mode allow a more detailed understanding of the samples’ properties.
  • Over-the-air updates keep your digital refractometer up-to-date with the latest features.

SmartRef measurement details

  • The SmartRef refractometer measures the refractive index of fluids. This allows retrieval of relevant sample properties in a wide variety of applications.
  • Fast temperature stabilization and automatic temperature compensation for measurement results make additional calculations and correction tables obsolete.
  • The unit has an IP66 rating and an easy-to-clean stainless steel sample well.
  • SmartRef supports a one-point zero adjustment with distilled water and requires only a few drops of sample (0.4 mL).
  • SmartRef displays results in under two seconds and has a measurement range of 0 °Brix to 85 °Brix with an accuracy of 0.2 °Brix.

High variety of measurement applications

  • Brix refractometer: For honey, wine, juice, sauces, jams, fruits, vegetables, and maple syrup. The SmartRef measures the sugar content in °Babo, °Baumé, °Brix, °KMW, and °Oechsle.
  • Salinity refractometer: SmartRef determines the salt content in your saltwater aquarium and pool in salinity specific gravity (SG 20/20), practical salinity units (PSU), and salinity in parts per thousand (ppt).
  • Beer refractometer: SmartRef shows the extract content of wort in °Plato.
  • As a smart device, SmartRef offers a constant expansion of measurement units. All available scales are provided within the app.
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