Abbemat 200 Economy Line Refractometer

The refractometers of the Abbemat Economy Line provide all the features required for accurate refractive index measurements at an economic price. With its preprogrammed methods and optimized design, Abbemat 200 is a truly universal refractometer covering nearly all applications. Dedicated industry solutions are no longer required. The Abbemat 200 refractometers provide fast and accurate measurement of refractive index or concentration in all industry branches, from pharmaceuticals, flavors and chemicals to beverages and food. The Abbemat 200 refractometers allow fast and non-destructive refractive index measurements. They are factory-calibrated with official standards from the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt). Refractive index results are accurate to ±0.0001nD. The Abbemat T-Check feature precisely calibrates and adjusts the surface temperature of the measuring prism of all Anton Paar refractometers.

Abbemat 200 Economy Line Refractometer


Easy operation

  • Abbemat 200 refractometers are ready to operate on delivery. Just take them out of the box and start to measure.
  • All settings can be easily accessed via intuitive navigation
  • The color LCD screen and membrane keys are resistant to spillage and dirt and can be operated even when wearing gloves
  • Automatic warning if the sample volume is not large enough for a valid measurement
  • A quick wipe cleans the prism after each measurement

For all samples

  • You can measure:
    • all samples from liquids to pastes, polymers to solids
    • turbid, colored or opaque samples
    • liquids containing air bubbles or solid particles
  • No influence from humidity, temperature or vibrations
  • A wide range of methods are stored in the Abbemat 200 for converting refractive index into concentrations, etc.Abbemat 200 Economy Line Refractometer
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