• Wide temperature range (82 K to >115 K)
  • Precise temperature control (temp. stability < ±0.005 K S.D.)
  • Perfect for argon isotherm measurements without using liquid argon or for multi-isotherm heat of adsorption experiments
  • Runs for over 50 hours without refilling

Cryostat accessory for autosorb iQ: CryoSync


The CryoSync accessory for autosorb iQ analyzers allows users to generate precise <0.005 K isothermal sorption measurements in a wide range of cryogenic temperatures (82 K to >115 K) while using readily available liquid nitrogen as the cryogen. With this compact accessory you can perform advanced sorption measurements with ease, including argon isotherms at 87.3 K and multi-isotherm heat of adsorption measurements.

Key features

Affordable and compact cryogenic measurements

Using a simple drop-in-dewar design and making use of readily available liquid nitrogen, the CryoSync gives you access to a wide range of cryogenic analysis temperatures (82 K to >115 K) without costly and space-consuming refrigeration units.

Precise temperature control and long analysis duration

With temperature stability better than ±0.005 K (S.D.), the CryoSync greatly outperforms cryogenic baths which degrade with extended use and fluctuate with ambient pressure changes. And it lasts over 50 hours at 87.3 K without the need to refill the liquid nitrogen.

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