• Fastest multi-station BET analyzer for entry-level budgets
  • All-in-one instrument: 2 analysis and 4 degassing stations
  • Optimized short cells and Dewar for BET analysis with less waste
  • 2 % reproducibility with ≥2 m2 total measurement surface area
  • Simple to use with pre-loaded profiles and 10-inch touchscreen



The Nova series is designed to provide operational simplicity and velocity – speed in the unwavering direction of precision – across the entire analysis process. Containing 4 degassing stations and up to 4 analysis stations, this instrument delivers four 5-point BETs in 20 mins, with 2 % reproducibility. Follow the analysis workflow on the tabs below to learn how Nova provides unrivaled benefits from start to finish and sets a new benchmark in surface area and pore characterization.

  • Highest throughput in a benchtop system
  • Analyze 4 samples while simultaneously preparing the next 4
  • 4 multipoint BETs in 20 minutes; 4 isotherms in 8 hours


Our lab processes a lot of samples for surface area and pore analysis. How can we increase our throughput?


Nova brings the power of 4 plus 4: 4 degassing stations and 4 analysis stations offering the highest throughput available in a benchtop instrument.


Easily keep up with your samples, with 4 multi-point BETs analyzed in 20 minutes, and 4 full isotherms for BET and mesopore characteristics within 8 hours.

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