Autosorb iQ MP

  • Workhorse high vacuum physisorption analyzer
  • For measurement of BET surface areas, micropores, and mesopores

Autosorb iQ MP


Driven by decades of experience in gas sorption, the autosorb iQ series performs the most challenging measurements of non-porous, mesoporous, and microporous materials with accuracy and precision. Capable of determining specific surface areas below 0.01 m2/g, active areas, pore volumes, and pore size distributions down to 0.35 nm of porous solids in compliance with more than 20 ASTM, DIN, and ISO standard test methods, the autosorb iQ is your gateway to intelligent particle analysis.

Key features

Active coolant level control for sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility

Coolant level control is critical for physisorption analyzers to obtain accurate and reproducible results when dealing with evaporative coolants like liquid nitrogen. Rather than relying on passive wicking systems or empirical corrections, the autosorb iQ series combines a 90+ hour analysis Dewar, a coolant-level sensor, and a responsive elevator in an advanced active coolant level control system that ensures highly sensitive and accurate measurements regardless of analysis time.

Integrated and highly precise sample preparation

Precisely prepared samples are the foundation of accurate analysis data. Four built-in degassing stations with access to analysis-quality levels of vacuum through a dedicated cold trap ensure that even the most difficult microporous samples are properly prepared for analysis. User-flexible programming of test protocols, including a pressure rise limit and test for completion methods, minimize elutriation and steaming damage to susceptible samples.

Peer-reviewed data reduction methods

The software includes a comprehensive and peer-reviewed DFT method library. These proprietary data reduction methods developed in conjunction with academic partners, like our unique Quenched Solid Density Functional Theory (QSDFT) methods, deliver reliable and accurate pore size distributions.

Analysis flexibility and adaptability

autosorb iQ instruments have been designed to be the most flexible, versatile, and customizable physisorption and chemisorption analyzers on the market. You can upgrade to 2 or 3 analysis stations for up to 2 or 3 times the physisorption throughput. Each additional analysis station comes with its own dedicated transducer set, allowing maximum flexibility in analysis conditions without compromising speed or performance. Capabilities can be further expanded to include a built-in vapor source, additional gas inputs, and much more.

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