Inline Oxygen Sensor: Oxy

  • Compact stand-alone solution with analog outputs and HMI
  • Hassle-free sensor-cap exchange with Toolmaster™
  • Digital input to process stop signal during CIP/SIP routine
  • Quick return to operational status after CIP/SIP
  • Optical measuring principle comparable to lab and at-line solutions

Inline oxygen sensor: Oxy


The Oxy 4100/5100 inline oxygen sensors measure dissolved oxygen (DO) in real-time, directly at the production line. They provide accurate, drift-free measurements throughout the entire production process.

Oxy 5100 can easily be combined with additional process sensors from Anton Paar to meet all future production- and quality-control requirements. The Oxy 4100 transmitter comes ready with analog outputs and a touchscreen interface.

The CO₂ Purity Monitor features a compact system for monitoring the O₂ content in pressurized CO₂ recuperation pipes.

Key Features

Inline oxygen sensor: Clever sensor caps – no calibration needed
The Oxy 4100/5100 sensor caps embody the smart connection of the sensor with the sample. To match individual requirements, the right sensor cap can be chosen from a variety of caps. Conveniently switch between the ranges by simply exchanging the sensor cap.

All required calibration parameters are stored in the sensor cap of the inline oxygen sensor. The Toolmaster® technology automatically detects the sensor cap and transfers all setup parameters to the sensor. Once the cap is mounted, inline measurement can start immediately.

Lifetime estimator: Easy planning of sensor cap exchange
Only Oxy 5100 supports the steps involved in setting up a predictive maintenance schedule for inline measurement.

The Oxy 5100 lifetime estimator estimates the remaining service life of the sensor cap in days and warns you when a new sensor cap is required. Warnings are automatically shown on the sensor display, and an updated lifetime estimation can be requested at any time.

Hygienic design: EHEDG-certified and SIP-ready
The Oxy 4100/5100 inline oxygen sensors are suitable for hygiene applications in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and water treatment industries. Oxy 5100 fulfills international hygienic standards because it is EHEDG-certified Type EL – Class I and can be cleaned using all common CIP procedures. All materials that are in contact with the sample are FDA-compliant.

Oxy 4100/5100 is designed for cleaning and sterilization at temperatures up to 130 °C. The sensor is ready for in-spec operation only a few minutes after cleaning and sterilization, reducing downtimes to a minimum.

Plug and play: Easy setup with maximum compatibility
No special training is required to commission and operate the instrument. The sensor series are set up quickly and can be easily used with the touchscreen interface of the built-in evaluation unit, via the Pico 3000 software, or with the help of the mPDS 5 evaluation unit.

Oxy 5100 can be easily adapted to support several communications protocols including analog (4 mA to 20 mA), Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, HART, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, and EtherNet/IP. The Oxy 4100 transmitter comes ready with analog outputs and a touchscreen interface.

Fully control the purity of the CO₂ recuperation process
The CO₂ Purity Monitor features a compact system for monitoring the O₂ content in pressurized CO₂ lines. Driven by Oxy 5100, in combination with the integrated pressure sensor for automatic pressure compensation, the CO₂ Purity Monitor is a compact, stand-alone solution.

For a non-pressurized measuring point, Oxy 5100 and the clever sensor caps are installed right after the conditioning system is set up.

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