Alcohol and Extract Meter: Alex 500

Determines the alcohol and extract content in beer, wine, cider, spirits, liqueurs, and sake. Alex 500 is a compact alcohol and extract meter that frees craft beverage producers from the need for external laboratories. Besides alcohol and extract content it determines related parameters, such as calories or degree of fermentation, at any time. Alex 500 accurately measures all of your samples, in all production steps, from your juice, wort, or mash to the fermentation process and blending procedure to your bottled product. You can swiftly react to all undesired deviations as soon as they occur. With this lab-grade analyzer under your own roof you can always be sure that your bottles contain what their labels say, in order to keep your customer promise.

Alcohol and extract meter: Alex 500


Key features

Visual fermentation monitoring

  • The special fermentation monitor mode enables you to keep an eye on 40 ongoing fermentations at the same time
  • Display of fermentation curves based on density measurement (apparent extract), assigned to a tank via sample ID
  • New measuring values are automatically added to the chart shown on the large display
  • Helps you prevent your product’s fermentation getting stuck or proceeding too quickly and allows you to immediately react to undesired deviations.

Measurement of alcohol and extract content

  • Measure alcohol and extract towards the end of your beverage’s fermentation.
  • Find out how your beverage changes during blending with flavors or bottle fermentation.
  • Helps you keep your beverage’s taste and quality stable from batch to batch
  • Provides the basis for correct calculation of your taxes
  • Proves that your bottles contain what their labels say

Perfect documentation and traceability of data

  • Storage of fermentation charts for 40 different sample IDs with up to 100 data sets each
  • Additional storage for 1000 alcohol and extract measurements in standard mode
  • Wireless printout of data via Bluetooth®
  • Data transfer to a PC (cable in scope of supply)

Standardized sample handling for intuitive operation

  • Simple, standardized sample preparation
  • Turbidity warning alerts you in case your sample requires additional filtration
  • Unique sample naming
  • Storage of customized measuring methods for different beverage types
  • Automatic filling of sample via integrated peristaltic pump
  • Easy adjustment with deionized water

Suitable for beer, wine, cider, spirits, liqueurs, and sake

  • Craft beer: measures samples from bright lager to deep black stouts, from bock beer to light beer, and even beer mixtures
  • Wine: ready for red, white, and rosé wines, sparkling and still, bottle- or tank-fermented products
  • Spirits & liqueurs: measures your high-proof alcohol – from spirits aged in wooden barrels to liqueurs with a sugar content of up to 450 g/L
  • Cider: ready for dry apple wines, traditional cider, and flavored cider mixtures
  • Sake: get a snapshot of the alcohol and extract present in your sake product – without the need for distillation.

Patented alcohol measuring technology that makes your life easier

  • Patented combination of absorption measurement via NIR spectroscopy and density measurement based on the oscillating U-tube technology
  • Comprehensive statistical model for determination of alcohol and total extract content
  • Quality, pure and simple, from the world’s leading provider of density and alcohol measurement in the wine industry
  • Covers the entire relevant measuring range
  • Provides direct, real-time results at all times, without any separate calculation or distillation
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