Advanced True Powder Rheology

The most accurate powder analysis with the powder flow cell and the powder shear cell

The two cells for true powder rheology help you to really characterize and understand your powders. A wide range of dedicated powder measurement methods is available putting the advantages of rheometers to use: fast and easy-to-perform tests but also elaborate measurements for both quality control and R&D purposes.

The powder shear cell is ideal for determining the flow behavior of consolidated powders and their time-dependent behavior. Additional accessories provide full control over temperature and humidity.

The powder flow cell is an innovative and scientific approach towards powder characterization offering a wide range of test methods. Powder behavior can be characterized under various realistic conditions: simulating, adjusting, and optimizing – for example – manufacturing processes.

Key Features

Two cells to cover all your needs

The complete powder rheology setup with the powder shear cell and the powder flow cell gives you all the possibilities you need for the characterization of your powders and granular media. The combination of a rheometer with a system to determine the behavior of powders guarantees the highest sensitivity and absolute results.

Powerful software for incomparable control

With the intuitive user interface of the RheoCompass™ software you can run fully automatized measurements with only two clicks while maintaining full autonomy over all measurement parameters. You can adapt all measurements to your needs. The system complies with QM requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11 for the pharmaceutical industry.

The only powder shear cell with temperature and humidity control

Control the temperature and find out how this impacts your powders. An MCR rheometer can be equipped with heating chambers for an extreme temperature range from -160 °C to 600 °C. Humidity is known to heavily change powder behavior during storage, handling, and processing and can be controlled in the range between 0 %rH and 95 %rH with a dedicated humidity kit.

Designed for sensitivity and reproducibility

Expect reproducible measurements for both the powder shear cell and the powder flow cell. The MCR’s sensitivity helps to differentiate even very similar powders and detect even small changes within your samples. A sample preparation bench is included in the powder shear cell setup. It ensures that the samples are always prepared identically, strongly reducing operator influence and thereby increasing reproducibility. The powder flow cell applies automated sample preparation modes for an unrivalled reproducibility of up to 0.5 %

Patented dust protection for the powder flow cell

The unique patented dust protection system (EP 3067684) enables clean and safe sample handling. The fourfold sealing concept protects the operator and the instrument from fine and potentially hazardous powder even when it is fully fluidized. The air seal technology of the powder flow cell is dustproof without any friction on the measurement axis and thus maintains the MCR rheometer’s extraordinary accuracy and resolution down to 10 nNm and below.

The most versatile powder characterization with the powder flow cell

Due to its high versatility the powder flow cell can be used for in-depth powder characterization or as an easy-to-use quality control tool: You can use it to control the quality of your products with quick tests while benefitting from the precision of Anton Paar’s MCR rheometers. Use one of the many measurement methods to characterize your powder as is it is during processing, handling, and storage.

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