SmartPave: Dynamic Shear Rheometer

The dynamic shear rheometers (DSR) SmartPave 92 and SmartPave 102 allow precise measurements on asphalt and bitumen. SmartPave 92 was specially developed for quality control measurements and routine measurements in asphalt testing laboratories. SmartPave 102 is ideal for the most demanding measurements. It is used in the research and development of asphalt and bitumen. Features such as Toolmaster™QuickConnect, a Peltier temperature device for dry sample heating, and step-by-step instructions for measuring procedures according to AASHTO T315AASHTO T350AASHTO TP101ASTM D7175ASTM D7405 and DIN EN 14770 guarantee the most convenient operation. For measurements according to AASHTO T316ASTM D4402 and DIN EN 13302 both instruments can be equipped with a Peltier-temperature-controlled measurement chamber for concentric cylinder geometries.

Technnical Specifications

Technical Data SmartPave 92 SmartPave 102
Bearing Air Air
EC motor Yes Yes
Maximum torque 125 mNm 200 mNm
Min. torque rotation 1 µNm 5 nNm
Min. Torque oscillation 1 µNm 7.5 nNm
Torque resolution 100 nNm 0.5 nNm
Angular deflection
(set value)
1 µrad to ∞ µrad 1 µrad to ∞ µrad
Angular resolution 614 nrad 10 nrad
Min. angular velocity 10-4 rad/s 10-8 rad/s
Max. angular velocity 157 rad/s 314 rad/s
Max. speed 1500 1/min 3000 1/min
Min. angular frequency 10-4 rad/s 10-7 rad/s
Max. angular frequency 628 rad/s 628 rad/s
Normal force range 0.01 N-50 N
Normal force resolution 1 mN
Max. temperature range -40 °C to +200 °C -40 °C to +200 °C
Toolmaster™ Yes Yes
QuickConnect Yes Yes
Automatic gap setting (AGC/AGS) Yes Yes
TruGap™(innovative and patented system for measuring the gap) No Yes
T-Ready™ (automatically detects and transmits the sample temperature) No Yes
Normal force and velocity profiles, tack, squeeze No Optional


AASHTO T315 / ASTM D7175
(SHRP-Test/SuperPave PG)
Yes Yes
AASHTO T316 / ASTM D4402
DIN EN 13302 & 13702
(Rotational Viscosity)
Yes Yes
AASHTO T350 / ASTM D7405
DIN EN 16659
Yes Yes
AASHTO TP101-UL (LAS-Test) No Yes*
FGSV AL 721 (Constant Shear Rate)
FGSV AL 722 (Temperature Sweep)
FGSV AL 723 (MSCR-Test)
Yes Yes
Master Curves No Yes**
Measurement of rubber-modified bitumen No Yes**
Low-temperature measurements -30°C (parallel plate) No Yes**
Low-temperature measurements -20°C (torsion) No Yes**

* TruStrain required
** Normal force control required



ASTM D7175 “SHRP-Test”
ASTM D7405 “MSCR-Test”
ASTM D4402
ASTM D7552


DIN EN 14770
DIN EN 13302
DIN EN 103702
DIN EN 16659 (draft) “MSCR-Test”


FGSV AL 723; 2012 (“MSCR-Test”)
FGSV AL 721; 2017 “Constant Shear”

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