RheoOptics – Polarized Imaging

RheoOptics – Polarized Imaging

The Polarized Imaging Option enables monitoring of sheared samples using polarized light, optics and a CCD camera. This accessory can be used to investigate local shear-induced effects in liquid crystals or shear-induced crystallization in polymers, for example. Employing Peltier or electrical temperature control, users can also study temperature-induced processes.

Key Features

Technical highlights

  • Polarized image recording while shearing the sample with a rheometer
  • Telecentric optics transfers the image directly onto the CCD chip of the camera
  • Movable polarizers for polarized and depolarized images of the sample
  • Circular polarizer option
  • Peltier temperature control: -20 °C to 200 °C
  • Electrical temperature control: Room temperature to 300 °C
  • Measuring systems: parallel plate and cone-plate, up to 50 mm in diameter
  • Full integration in the rheometer software allows image or video recording during the measurement for later image analysis
Image recording and display
  • Rheometer software controls both rheometer and CCD camera
  • Automated image/video recording during measurement
  • Direct assignment of images and videos to rheological data


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