Welcome to Equiva Ligand Indonesia

PT. Equiva Ligand Indonesia established on May 2017 in Indonesia as a company enganged in laboratory instrument sales by well-known laboratory instrument specialist. As Anton Paar’s and Quantachrome exclusive distributor in Indonesia, PT. Equiva Ligand Indonesia committed to provide great and precise solutions for laboratory analysis in many industries and researches


Laboratory Instrument

As Distributor Anton Paar's products in Indonesia that has a long history of providing high-end laboratory instruments: density meters, refractometers, polarimeters, viscometers, rheometers and instruments for material characterization.

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Process Instrument

We are has your solution for inline production monitoring: The portfolio covers density and concentration sensors, inline refractometers, process viscometers and sensors for measuring dissolved CO₂.

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Automations and Robotics

Anton Paar designs custom-tailored automation solutions from the first idea to final production: sample changers for automating single devices, robotically operated rheometers and a platform which automates multiple instruments.

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Adsorption Analyzers

As Distributor Quantachrome products in Indonesia, We provides compact, fully automatic analyzers measure high-resolution physisorption, chemisorption and vapor sorption isotherms for best accuracy pore size, surface area, and specific gas/solid interactions

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Solid Density Analyzers

Quantachrome solid density analyzers measure with the highest level of accuracy over the widest range of sample sizes. The gas pycnometers provide accurate results with any of the included sample cells

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Porometers & Porosimeters

The Quantachrome instruments to measure pore type and pore size from one and the same provider. The easy-to-use capillary flow porometers measure through pores in filtering materials.

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