• Continuous measurement: of the melt index
  • Optical film quality analysis: defects, transparency, FQI
  • Extensible: color, turbidity, density and NIR measurement
  • Connectivity: support for third-party solutions (ERP, LIMS)

Brabender: Auto-Grader


The Auto-Grader continuously determines the melt flow rate, film purity, and transparency – within seconds online with polymer production. Self-optimizing and automatic operation ensures optimum adaptation to the polymer to be tested. All relevant data are stored in a database and can be transmitted to a process control system.

When production changes over to a new charge, the Auto-Grader allows to exactly determine the time when the product meets the specification. This minimizes the portion of “out-of-specification” material.

State-of-the-art software enables the overview and control of all process parameters. The system can be extended for further online measurements, e.g. color, turbidity, density, NIR, etc.

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