Ultrapyc 3000

  • The standard model
  • PowderProtect: Measure samples without instrument contamination
  • Built-in Peltier temperature control for superior thermal stability with no external temperature control bath required
  • Accurate results for samples from 4.5 cm3 to 135 cm3

Gas Pycnometer for Semi-Solid and Solid Density: Ultrapyc 5000


The Ultrapyc gas pycnometer measures the density of solids and semi-solids, which is used to track purity or porosity. Measurements take less than 10 minutes, making Ultrapyc gas pycnometers perfect for controlling the quality of your samples throughout the manufacturing process.

We’ve combined decades of knowledge with groundbreaking innovation to make Ultrapyc the most user-friendly semi-solid and solid density meter on the market. With Ultrapyc, conducting density measurements of solid pieces, powders, battery materials, and personal care products has never been simpler or more precise.

You can also connect Ultrapyc to AP Connect, our lab execution software for paperless data transfer that eliminates transcription errors and centralizes lab data in a single digital space.

Key features

Harness TruPyc technology for accuracy in all sample cells

Ultrapyc’s multiple reference chambers ensure that you don’t have a mismatched ratio between the void space within the sample chamber and the volume of the reference chamber. Whether you have only enough sample to fill the smallest sample cell or you have enough for the largest sample cell, Ultrapyc’s chambers ensure accurate results. The instrument automatically selects and uses the appropriate reference chamber based on the selected cell size.

Eliminate contamination with PowderProtect mode

With the standard “sample first” expansion direction, you always have control over the maximum pressure to which the sample is exposed during the measurement. Switching the unit to PowderProtect mode reverses this order and eliminates the possibility of contaminating your instrument with fine powders or slurries’ vapors. The Ultrapyc 5000 series is the only semi-solid and solid density meter on the market that offers you the option to operate in either direction.

Get precise and hassle-free temperature control

With built-in Peltier temperature control, external water baths for temperature control are a thing of the past. There’s no need for an extra accessory so you can save precious space in your lab. With temperature stability better than +/-0.05 °C and the broadest temperature range on the market (15 °C to 50 °C), get quick temperature stabilization and reliable results for slurries, suspensions, gels, or any other material – irrespective of your environmental conditions.

Use an intuitive user interface for simple instrument control

Using Ultrapyc’s 7” touchscreen feels like using a smartphone. With its intuitive user interface, always stay informed about the progress of your measurements. Since you can perform measurements and see detailed results on the instrument, there’s no need for an extra computer –  which saves you precious lab bench space.

Conduct measurements with disposable cups for hard-to-clean samples

Disposable aluminum cups expand the capabilities of the Ultrapyc series for measuring semi-solids. They don’t just drastically increase sample throughput, but also give you the flexibility to measure the density of curing materials and hard-to-clean samples with a single-use application.

Connect directly to weighing balances to prevent transcription errors

By connecting your Ultrapyc directly to any balance with RS232 communication, eliminate the risk of transcription errors which can occur when manually entering data from an external balance.


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