• Two automatically rotating tapping stations
  • 260 taps per minute
  • 3 mm drop height

Automated tapped density analyzers:
Autotap Dual Station 110V / 60HZ


The Autotap and Dual Autotap tapped density analyzers for powders are simple-to-use, automated devices which comply with a large number of internationally recognized standard methods. They provide a high level of test method control with a user-selectable, lockable number of taps. Tapping rate and drop height are fixed to provide consistent results from sample to sample. A large range of sample sizes can be accommodated with the use of a number of different graduated cylinder sizes.

Key features

Ensure the quality of raw materials and predict the flow behavior of powders

Autotaps and Dual Autotaps have been used around the world for decades to provide customers with consistent, reliable bulk density and flowability values – essential knowledge for measuring pharmaceutical powders, metal powders, food powders, pigments, etc.

Accommodates a wide range of graduated cylinder sizes for full flexibility

The amount of sample you have available to test will define the graduated cylinder size you use. It is always recommended that the initial volume fill between 70 % and 95 % of the cylinder. Autotaps and Dual Autotaps accommodate any single-piece glass-graduated cylinder with a hexagonal base. The tapping platforms have hole patterns and adjustable hold-down clamps so that any graduated cylinder from 5 mL to 500 mL may be used. There is also an adapter should you need to measure in a 1 L graduated cylinder.

Operates in accordance with a large number of international standard test methods

The design of Autotaps and Dual Autotaps ensures compliance with all internationally recognized standard test methods describing the use of tapped density to determine bulk density involving a device capable of ensuring a drop height of 3 mm, a tapping frequency between 250 and 300 taps per minute, and the use of a specific type of graduated cylinder.

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