Monowave 50

  • Conventionally heated synthesis reactor for lab experiments at a speed comparable to microwave synthesis reactors
  • Intuitive user interface and straightforward programming of experiments via touchscreen
  • Safe and robust, compact and portable

Synthesis reactor: Monowave 50


Monowave 50 is a conventionally heated synthesis reactor specially designed for teaching labs and standard experimental chemistry. Monowave 50 enables synthesis multiple times faster than traditional stirrer hot-plate setups while delivering the performance of a microwave reactor at the price of an autoclave.

Key features

High performance, low price

Monowave 50 performs typical lab experiments at a speed comparable to microwave synthesis reactors, yielding results of equal quality (i.e. same yields and product purities) for a fraction of the price of a microwave reactor. Monowave 50 offers a simple touchscreen user interface, real-time temperature and pressure monitoring, as well as data storage and display. For representative application examples featuring Monowave 50, check out our free application database on our wiki.

Reaction vessels and caps can be used multiple times, reducing not only consumable costs but also the ecological impact.

Precise results and transferable methods

Any method developed for Monowave 50 can be directly transferred to any Anton Paar microwave synthesis reactor. Likewise, reaction protocols from microwave synthesis reactors can also be applied in Monowave 50. This is made possible by continuous internal temperature monitoring in all our reactors, including Monowave 50. Thanks to our protocol converter, a reflux experiment can be converted into a high-speed, closed-vessel reaction with a few clicks.

Easy to use

Monowave 50 is made for the smartphone generation. Intuitive user interface and straightforward programming of experiments via the touchscreen reduce the fear of an unknown subject for students. The software is designed to avoid out-of-spec reaction protocols meaning that no supervision during programming experiments is needed. Methods and experimental data can be downloaded from the instrument via USB.

Safe and robust

At the start of each experiment, Monowave 50 mechanically locks the cavity to avoid accidental opening while the reaction vessel is pressurized. Reaction temperature and pressure are continuously monitored, and the device automatically shuts down if the operational limits (20 bar and 250 °C) are exceeded. At the end of each experiment, overpressure is safely released.

The reaction vessel is protected by a stainless steel jacket so if a vessel rupture occurs the user is safe at all times. Cleaning takes just a few minutes, minimizing downtime.

Small and portable

With 8.5 kg and a footprint of 20 cm x 40 cm, Monowave 50 requires minimal bench space and can even fit into a backpack for safe, easy transport. Unlike standard laboratory glassware setups, Monowave 50 can be operated outside a fume cupboard. The only installation requirements are a plug and availability of an exhaust. With plug-and-play installation, the instrument can be running in less than five minutes. This makes the device ideal for laboratories where experiments need to be set up quickly, and lab space or equipment is shared between different courses. The instrument can even be placed inside a glove box.

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