Software for Automatic Flash Point Testers : FPPNet

  • Monitor test progress on the PC screen in real-time
  • User-defined programs and test procedures according to standards
  • Export to Excel or LIMS
  • Traceable documentation of adjustments and results

Software for Automatic Flash Point Testers



The software serves the purpose of reading and evaluating test data as well as controlling the automatic flash point testers PMA 5, CLA 5, ABA 4, TAG 4, and their previous models (PMA 4, PMA 4 SC, CLA 4).

It is easy to operate, with self-explanatory menus.

The flash point tester is connected to the PC-RS232 interface by using a null modem cable or the USB port. Either English or German can be chosen as the language.

Key features

Benefits at a glance

  • Intuitive handling and easy-to-use software
  • Monitoring of real-time test progress on the PC screen
  • Traceable documentation of all parameter adjustments
  • Perfect support in case of customer complaints using complete historical data
  • Easy firmware updates in case of new technical developments and changes to official methods
  • Editing of programs is possible in the program parameters
  • Comfortable export of results to Excel or into a LIMS system
  • Program and device parameter storage for each test run together with the test result
  • Graphical display of the sample temperature, heater temperature and heating rate

Convenient operation

  • Monitoring of the standard conformity of the heating rate during the test run on a chart (important for the precision of the result). The values are stored after the test in a result file.
  • Flash points are corrected and reported according to the standard methods.
  • Special function for the PMA 4 with 12-cup sample changer:
    The search run flash point value of the first sample is taken over to the second test (cup) and then provides the expected flash point for the second test (cup).
    Quick run for higher sample capacity: the device is not cooled down completely during the intervals between the tests. This is especially an advantage in case of high flash points.

Customized user flexibility

Test procedures for the following flash point test methods:

    • Pensky Martens: ASTM D93-A+B+C, ISO 2719-A+B, JIS K 2265
    • Cleveland: ASTM D92, ISO 2529, JIS K 2265
    • Abel: ISO 1516, ISO 1523, ISO 13736
    • Tag: ASTM D56, ASTM D3934, ASTM D3941
    • User-defined programs: Can differ from standard test methods

The program shows amongst others the sample name, temperature unit, expected flash point, selected standard program, test status, operator name, ignition type (electric or gas), etc.

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