Abel Flash Point Tester (ABA)

  • Flash point with a range from 10 °C to 110 °C
  • Full compliance with ISO 13736, ISO 1516, ISO 1523, and more
  • Patented electric igniter with ceramic coating, for 10x longer lifetime than that of competitor solutions
  • Budget-friendly instrument with comprehensive feature set

Abel Flash Point Tester (ABA)

Anton Paar’s Abel closed-cup flash point tester series – ABA 500 and ABA 300 – offers next-generation flash point testing. Easily determine the flash point according to ISO 13736, ISO 1516, ISO 1523, and more. Perform automatic, high-precision flash point testing of samples like jet fuels, solvents, flavors and fragrances, and chemicals. Innovative cooling options permit flash point testing across a temperature range from -35 °C to +130 °C. Both Abel flash point testers offer excellent heating control and a full feature set for accurate flash point results. The clever instrument design maximizes productivity and saves costs as the electric igniter has the longest lifetime on the market.

Award-winning, high-quality components with the longest lifetime on the market

The Abel flash point testers series is built with high-quality components for top precision, reliability, and unparalleled robustness, guaranteeing consistent flash point results over time.

  • Electric igniter: A patented design and ceramic coatings deliver a 10x longer lifetime than that of competitor solutions, eliminating downtime due to igniter failures
  • Multi-function head: Automatically connects with temperature and flash point detection sensors without the need for cables or plugs
  • Easy calibration and adjustment of sensors and stirrer on-site to guarantee reliable results
  • A whole portfolio of test equipment, including test cups made from brass or stainless steel, for more flexibility when measuring valuable or corrosive samples

The most powerful, intuitive Abel flash point tester on the market

  • Simple and intuitive test setup so you can get started right away
  • Smart user interface is operated via a 7” touchscreen – Customizable user interface based on your needs (e.g., display of all relevant data during a flash point test in real time, quick access to frequently used functions)
  • Guided workflows take you through all necessary steps to obtain standard-compliant flash point testing results, supported by status light
  • Disassembly of wetted parts within seconds
  • Quick, hassle-free cleaning prevents false results from sample carry-over

Super-flexible, two-in-one cooling for the widest flash point range on the market

ABA 500 is equipped with a game-changing Peltier cooling system for Abel flash point testing.

  • Unparalleled two-in-one instrument combination for top flexibility and the widest sample range on the market
  • Connection of instrument to an external chiller to measure flash points at very low temperatures (sample temperature between -35 °C and +130 °C)
  • Internal cooling system: flash points between 10 °C and 130 °C without external chiller

ABA 300 is equipped with a budget-friendly, fan-supported Peltier cooling system.

  • Measurement of flash points between 10 °C and 110 °C

Maximum safety for operator and lab

ABA 500 is one of the safest Abel flash point testers available on the market.

  • Equipped with a fire extinguisher combined with a fail-safe fire detection system as standard
  • Monitoring of the instrument’s status with two independent detectors, a fire ionization detector, and an optical IR sensor
  • In case of fire, the fire extinguisher is triggered, and the instrument terminates all measurements

ABA 300 can be equipped with the optional combination of a fire extinguisher and a unique fire detection system.

All your measurement data – fully automatic, wherever you need it

Whatever the scope of your business, there’s a connectivity solution for you.

  • Automatic integration of your test results into your working environment
  • Easily print reports or go completely paperless – from automated e-mail or LIMS export to any location in your network, to Anton Paar’s fully implemented lab execution software AP Connect
  • Increasing productivity in your lab and improving data quality with AP Connect gives you time to focus on evaluation and analysis
  • With AP Connect, store tens of thousands of measurements in a single digital space, available at a snap, and accessible from any network computer, anytime

Abel flash point testers are compliant with all relevant standards

  • Full compliance with international and national Abel flash point methods: ISO 13736, IP 170, ISO 1516, ISO 1523, IP 491, IP 492, EN 924, and more
  • Simple specification of user-defined methods for non-equilibrium and equilibrium Abel flash point testing with our intuitive guided user interface
  • Guided calibration procedures for temperature, barometric pressure, and stirrer speed for top precision and the highest repeatability


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