Small-Angle Light Scattering Device for MCR: Rheo-SALS

Small-Angle Light Scattering (SALS) is a well-established technique for structure analysis in the size range of the applied laser’s wavelength. The combination of rheology and SALS (Rheo-SALS) allows the investigation of shear-dependent structural changes or crystallization by analysis of the laser light’s scattering pattern. The greatest benefit of Rheo-SALS by Anton Paar is its wide scattering angle, allowing structure measurements in a large size range.

Key Features

Technical highlights

  • Light scattering experiments for SALS structure analysis simultaneous to rheological measurements
  • Large scattering angle range
  • Modular, open design consisting of laser diode, CCD camera, optics and polarizers
  • Scattered light directly transferred onto camera’s CCD chip scattering angles are maintained without further corrections
  • Universal temperature control for optical systems based on Peltier- (up to 200 °C) or electrical temperature control (up to 300 °C)
  • Certified laser safety concept
  • Full integration in the rheometer software allows image or video recording during the measurement for later image analysis

Image recording and display

  • Rheometer software controls both rheometer and CCD camera
  • Automated image/video recording during measurement
  • Direct assignment of images and videos to rheological data
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