RapidOxy 100

  • Fast, unique measuring principle, according to ASTM D8206
  • Fully-automatic accelerated oxidation stability determination; No sample preparation required
  • Additional investigation and evaluation opportunities, e.g. shelf-life estimation for fats and oils, with OxyLogger 100

Oxidation Stability Tester: RapidOxy 100


Fully-automatic measurements 8x faster than other accelerated aging methods, at temperature ranges of up to 180 °C. Easy cleaning in less than 5 min. That’s the simple perfection of RapidOxy100, the only Rapid Small-Scale Oxidation Test (RSSOT) on the market. Another bonus: the small 5 mL / 4 g sample size max. – especially helpful when costly samples are being investigated.

Key features

Reproducibility / Repeatability of up to 99%

  • Rapid Small-Scale Oxidation Test (RSSOT)
  • Compliance with ASTM D8206, ASTM D7545, ASTM D7525, EN 16091
  • Excellent reproducibility / repeatability
  • Small sample amounts: only 5 mL / 4 g
  • Broad range of measurable samples – from liquids to solids

High sample throughput made easy

  • Results in a fraction of the time compared to other oxidation stability methods
  • Economical measurement: small sample volumes, no sample preparation and no use of harmful chemicals for cleaning.
  • Fully-automatic measurement
  • Fast, simple cleaning of the test chamber – only tissue paper and ethanol
  • Efficient cooling after measurement: Prepare for the next sample in just minut

Maximum safety features

  • Safety hood automatically locks as soon as the measurement is started
  • Safety hood cannot be opened accidentally or by mistake until the measurement is finished
  • Automatic over-pressure and over-temperature shut-off during measurement
  • Safety-tested by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

All-in-one system, unmatchable flexibility

  • RapidOxy 100 Fuel: Measurement of gasoline and all kinds of diesel fuels (B0 – B100), as per standard methods.
  • RapidOxy 100: Flexible choice of optimal measurement parameters for every investigation
  • Stand-alone instruments: All measurement data available live on-screen – no PC needed
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