Penetrometer: PNR 12

  • Measure the consistency of any type of semi-solid sample with an automatic penetrometer
  • Get reliable surface detection of highly viscous and even electrically conductive samples
  • Simplify your measuring workflow with statistical and database functionality

Penetrometer: PNR 12


Based on more than 60 years of experience in penetration testing, our PNR 12 penetrometer automatically measures how far a test body sinks into a sample over a certain period of time. Choose among various standardized test bodies, like cones and needles with defined weights and geometries, to determine penetration depth. Among other applications, use it to determine the consistency of bitumen, asphalt, grease, wax, Vaseline®, and butter.

Key features


Automatic surface detection eliminates measurement errors

  • Ensure automatic surface detection of highly viscous samples with a patented force sensor plunger, which is especially useful for samples that are tested underwater
  • Use an electric sensor to automatically detect electrically conductive, typically water-based, samples
  • Rely on both options for a convenient penetration test with good repeatability, independent of the user

A robust, easy-to-use penetrometer that’s built to last

  • Maintain your penetrometer’s reliability and accuracy with an optional calibration kit for measuring time, distance (penetration depth), and temperature
  • Simplify your manual sample surface approach with a jog wheel, a helpful magnifier, and a bright LED sample light
  • Use the sturdy jog wheel and operating buttons in any environment – even with gloves

The right penetrometer setup – no matter your application

  • Rely on a range of accessories that comply with applicable standards:
    • Bitumen needles and plungers comply with ASTM D5 and EN 1426
    • Grease cones comply with ASTM D217, ASTM D1403, and ISO 2137
    • Pharma cones and needles comply with EU Pharmacopoeia 2.9.9 and USP 915
    • Butter cones comply with AOCS Cc 16-60
  • Equip your PNR 12 with externally certified test kits
  • Benefit from PQP-S documentation and compliance maintenance recertification, which shows that service and support come directly from the manufacturer

Data management made easy

  • Configure your penetrometer with 20 programs, 16 of which are user-definable
  • Automatically convert test results into NLGI class, EN Bitumen, ¼ cone to solid cone, and ½ cone to solid cone, and C-value for edible fats
  • Analyze up to 200 test results on the instrument and convert these via a USB stick or LIMS into Excel
  • Use the limit indicator alarm to take quick counteractions when a test value falls outside a preset value range

Optional equipment for specific needs

  • Order your PNR 12 penetrometer with the test accessories you need for setup, including:
    • Circulator baths and transfer dishes for sample tempering
    • Manual grease workers for half-scale and quarter-scale cone penetration
    • Various sample containers and cylinders
    • Printer for test result documentation
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