MCR Evolution

  • Rheology meets Raman spectroscopy
  • See how Raman spectra change during rheological investigations
  • Better understand changes in chemical functionality and microstructure

Rheometer-Raman setup:
MCR Evolution & Cora 5001


The Rheometer-Raman setup (a rheometer connected with a Raman spectrometer) combines two powerful measurement principles: It is the perfect symbiosis of rheology as a mechanical – and Raman as a molecular – spectroscopy method. The relationship between the mechanical behavior obtained from the rheometer and structural parameters deducted from the Raman spectra is important for a better understanding of changes in the chemical functionality and microstructure of various materials and their influence on processing and applications.

Key features

Exploit the full synergy of an MCR rheometer combined with a Raman spectrometer

The rheometer and Raman spectrometer are connected by means of a fiber-optic Raman probe allowing flexible positioning of the spectrometer to save space on the laboratory bench (4.5 m cable length). A trigger option allows for convenient operation of the spectrometer via the rheometer. The MCR rheometer and the temperature device are fully functional and provide the full range of rheological test types at temperatures from -20 °C to +300 °C. The Raman probe operates through a quartz glass plate to minimize spectral interferences and provides efficient filtering, which eliminates the need for a silica background measurement. The positioning of the probe can be adjusted using the linear table and micrometer screws.

Choose the Raman spectrometer you want to combine with

The renowned MCR rheometer series can be combined with a spectrometer from Anton Paar’s Cora Raman spectrometer series or with many other (e.g. already purchased) Raman spectrometers and Raman probes. With our expertise in both fields, we can also develop, provide, and support customized solutions, depending on your applications and requirements.

Enjoy modularity and ease of use

The Rheo-Raman combination is just one of several well-established optics tools that can be used together with an MCR rheometer. Complete the setup in just a couple of minutes to use the rheometer in combination with Raman or switch to other accessories. Peltier and electrical temperature devices can also be used with other rheo-optical procedures, e.g. UV-curing, (fluorescence) microscopy, small angle light scattering (SALS) and polarized imaging, saving time and costs. User-friendly features of the MCR rheometer series like ToolmasterTM and QuickConnect are also part of the package.

Discover a whole range of new applications

The Rheometer-Raman setup opens up unique opportunities in the simultaneous measurement of physical and chemical sample properties (same sample, same time, same measurement conditions). It provides a deeper understanding of changes in the chemical functionality and microstructure of various materials and their influence on processing and applications. Possible applications are the investigation of crystallization processes, chemical reactions (e.g. curing of an adhesive sample), morphology of polymers, temperature behavior and stabilities of suspensions, structural parameters of biological samples (e.g. biofilms, cell cultures), and many more.

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