Cora 5001

  • Safe: Laser class 1 for unsurpassed laser safety
  • Automated: Autofocus finds the best Raman signal within seconds
  • Efficient: Tailored accessories for liquid and solid samples, pills, foils, microscope slides, and petri dishes

Compact Raman spectrometers: Cora 5001


Cora 5001 is a Raman analyzer for the quick and reliable identification of substances based on their chemical fingerprint, or for the monitoring of chemical changes. Choose the Fiber model for flexible analysis outside the instrument via a probe or the Direct model which analyzes samples in a closed compartment and is certified as laser class 1 – for ultra-safe use. The guided analysis procedure means Cora 5001 is suitable for operation with only minimal training. The small footprint and battery option make these benchtop Raman instruments versatile tools for analytical tasks in-house or in the field.

Key features

Easy and safe – user guidance and laser Class 1

The handling of the Cora 5001 Raman spectrometers can be learned within minutes, even by inexperienced users. Your new employees or students are able to perform Raman spectroscopy measurements within a very short time – safely. In contrast to many handheld instruments, the Cora 5001 Direct Raman instruments provide extra safety due to their laser Class 1 specification. The laser can only be activated if the measuring chamber is closed and therefore poses no threat to people working in close vicinity to the device.

No sample preparation – accessories to boost efficiency

Regardless of whether the sample is a solid, liquid, or powder, Cora 5001 has the appropriate sample holder for it. You can use vials with various diameters and shapes (round, square, rectangular) or directly analyze solid samples (pills, sample carriers, etc.). Equipped with magnets, the holders are quickly and precisely positioned in the instrument, allowing for immediate sample measurement without refocusing.

Versatility in a nutshell – one instrument, many samples

Do you work with fluorescing substances or many different samples? To cover the widest range of samples and account for possible fluorescence the dual wavelength models provide you with two different excitation wavelengths in one instrument. Each wavelength comes in its own independent optical spectrometer system. Hop from one wavelength to the other at the click of a button without alignment or recalibration and analyze the whole range of substances.

Pharma compliance – with the Anton Paar Spectroscopy Suite

The Anton Paar Spectroscopy Suite takes the complexity out of Raman analysis in the regulated environment. Workflows guide the operator in daily analysis. Lab managers receive assistance in setting up methods and managing reference databases. Comprehensive signing and versioning provide traceability at all times. Audit trail commenting and search functionality are a huge help in audits. And all data is securely retained in an SQL data base.

Autofocus – the strongest signal for reproducible results

Manual focusing onto thin or opaque samples with a weak Raman signal can be tricky. The Cora autofocus feature takes all the complexity out of the measuring routine. It automatically finds the spot with the best Raman signal within seconds so you don’t have to worry about it. This ensures reproducibility and makes the analysis independent of the user.

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