Internal mixer 350 SX

  • Enhanced material feeding: Through pneumatic loading chute
  • Easy material removal: Due to jaw-like opening mechanism
  • Produktion-like analyses: Thanks to intermeshing blades
  • Leakage protected: Special sealing avoids leakage of fine-particle fillers
  • Expanded range of applications: Max. 500 Nm – developed for high torque applications

Brabender: Internal mixer 350 SX


Intermeshing blades provide optimum mixing, blending and kneading. The easily accessible mixing chamber makes it very easy to remove the sample material: To do this, you open the mixer block from the center, like a jaw. Special seals prevent the leakage of fine-particle fillers such as carbon black or silicate.

When metering your formulation ingredients, you benefit from the large net mixer chamber volume. The 350 SX internal mixer is supplied on a special docking station.

Comprehensive software packages are available for material testing, such as the determination of the Black Incorporation Time (BIT).

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