Furnace Rheometer System FRS 1600

Materials of regular use in everyday life, such as glasses and metals, are processed or refined as melts at temperatures above 1000 °C. To ensure a consistent high quality of the final product and to optimize this energy-intensive process, knowledge about the melt viscosity is of great importance. The Furnace Rheometer System (FRS 1600) combines a rheometer and a lab furnace for viscosity measurements of melts at temperatures up to 1600 °C.

Key Features Furnace Rheometer System FRS 1600

Technical Highlights

  • Rheological measurements of melts at temperatures up to 1600 °C
  • DSR measuring head with active air and water cooling
  • Maximum torque 230 mNm
  • Maximum speed 300 rpm
  • Stepper-motor-driven / normal force controlled fine positioning for immersion into the sample
  • Pneumatic positioning for pre-heating and sample heating
  • Furnace Carbolite STF16/180
  • Park position for furnace allows convenient sample handling and cleaning
  • Temperature range: 300 to 1600 °C
  • Sample temperature recorded via factory calibration or by an optionally available temperature sensor in the cup
  • Concentric cylinder measuring systems available in different sizes shapes and materials

Ease of use

  • Intuitive software controls instrument and furnace and displays data in diagramms and tables and enables the configuration of automatic, multi-step measuring programs
  • Certified safety concept for simple user-friendly handling


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