Fermentation Monitor

  • In-tank fermentation monitoring of beer, wine, or spirits – no sampling required
  • Continuously tracks the progress and determines the endpoint of fermentation
  • “Install and forget” device for years of continuous operation

Inline Beverage analyzer:Fermentation Monitor


Fermentation Monitor 5100 continuously monitors the alcoholic fermentation during the production of beer, wine, or spirits via refractive index measurement directly in the tank.

The reduction in the concentration of sugars due to yeast metabolism and at the same time the increasing concentration of alcohols have opposing but predictable influences on the refractive index and can be used to determine the fermentation parameters.

Key features


Optimize and control your fermentation

Fermentation Monitor 5100 continuously tracks the progress and determines the endpoint of fermentation directly in the tank.

No time-consuming manual sampling and pretreatment of the wort is necessary. Any irregularities, such as incorrect temperature control, growth deviations, etc., are detected to ensure fermentation consistency and achieve greater end-product uniformity.

One monitor for the full range of fermentation parameters

The Fermentation Monitor 5100 determines all relevant parameters to characterize the state of the fermentation:

  • Original extract [°Plato]
  • Apparent extract density [°Plato]
  • Alcohol [%w/w]
  • Alcohol 20 °C [%v/v]
  • Real extract [°Plato]
  • Real degree of fermentation [%]
  • Fermentation speed [Alcohol 20 °C increase in %v/v per hour]

Ideal for in-tank monitoring

Benefit from “install and forget” simplicity and years of continuous operation. All cleaning routines are performed directly in the tank.

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